PdP Blogger Hangout at Milky & Sunny

I think it’s just appropriate that I’m blogging this just now. Though yeah, it’s a little (if Dec. 7 is just yesterday to me, yes haha) late. I miss PdP team and these bloggers!

DSC_0595O RLY?!

DSC_0597Milky & Sunny in Kapitolyo, Pasig is just right beside Moonleaf Tea Shop. 

DSC_0603The wall paint really reminds me of an old-fashioned milk bottle… Hmmmmm



DSC_0610Something really funny about this photo :P



DSC_0619Rob Cham trying to endorse Moonleaf in a swear-free way. HAHA!

Punchdrunk Panda gathered bloggers last Dec. 7 at Milky & Sunny to introduce to them (and give them also, you bet!) the latest designs of their new batch of laptop sleeves! Nothing really formal here, we just met, ate really delectable breakfast food (even if it’s 3pm-ish! ALWAYS YUMMEH!) hogged on milk tea, and just had fun. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a break from the usual events we have in town. This little get-together is a manifesto to that!

Add to that a really fun photo shoot with them bloggers! Lemme see yo swagger, guys and gals! Shot none other than by moi.




Ava Te with Kneil Melicano‘s Red



Gerd Perez with Rob Cham‘s Monsters




Robbie Bautista with JP Cuison‘s Robohands. 



Thysz Estrada with Tof Zapanta‘s The World is Our Playground



And Rob Cham didn’t mind to pose with his creation! Pretty mug shot, ain’t it :P



It was really a fun day! But what makes this thingamajig happier is zeh FOOD! Introducing Milky & Sunny’s bestsellers!

DSC_0605Broccoli and Mushroom Casserole. Perfectly cheesy and healthy chow. I love how the broccoli is cooked just with the right crunch – not to0 tough, not too soggy. Also the faux meat flavor added by the mushroom is tricking my taste buds.

DSC_0606Bacon Tostadas. This comes in three or four (can’t remember, sarreh haha) but the moment it lands on the table, people grabbed instantly. Bacon-y goodness with the tomato sauce and cream with veggie crunch to boot. Who eats this for breakfast??? I’ll certainly would!

DSC_0608Chicken and waffles. Waffles ain’t normally savory, but this one is soooooo good. I like that they added mustard — totally a mustard junkie :P

DSC_0611Strawberry Cream Cheese Pancake. Definitely the star of the meal! Though I’d like fresh strawberries, the jam worked out just as fine. Cream cheese is the way to go too!!! Sent endorphins all the way!

DSC_0612Breakfast Enchilada. I don’t know how an enchilada should taste like, but I like their sauce and that they put so much cheese!

DSC_0615Tapa with garlic and egg. I’d like my egg to be sunny side-up though. Tapa, on the other hand, is cooked well — a little rare would do, but this is fine again. GARLIC rice is GARLIC rice. I loooooooove!

Can I just have breakfast food all day?


4 responses to “PdP Blogger Hangout at Milky & Sunny

  1. I tried this resto, I thought the interiors were great but that the food was alright. I think that if they used fresh fruits instead of jam, it would have been much better. I agree with the sunny side up eggs though! YUM.

  2. Nomnom. I wanna go back here again. Those pancakes were awesome!

    There’s love between me and Rob in the photo.

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