PdP pop-up shop for Northern Mindanao!

122411 UPDATE: EVERYONE, THANK YOU SO MUCH! We have raised over PhP 23,000 for Northern Mindanao and we couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for supporting this relief drive and we are happy that we had the opportunity to help our fellow Filipinos! Let’s keep the helping spirit up! Merry Christmas everyone!

You probably heard every single effort to help Northern Mindanao. And it’s uplifting my heart to see Filipinos exerting every effort to volunteer/help/donate.

We at PdP want to help in the best way possible! The primary need now in CDO and Iligan are food and water. So instead of donating used clothes (and the alleged spring cleaning of some, evidenced by the presence of lace underwear and sequined outfits in the stash. OH REALLY? I’m so sorry, I just have to say that) we could donate food and water, or MONEY to be used to buy food and water for the Mindanaoans.

On Dec. 23, PdP will be having a pop-up shop at Moonleaf Tea Shop Maginhawa for the benefit of Sendong victims. We will be there along with several brands and bloggers who will be selling old and new stuff with proceeds to go to CDO and Iligan City. We hope that in our ways, however little they may be, we get to contribute and help our unfortunate brothers and sisters.

It’s Christmas and there’s no better way but to send love to those unfortunate ones. Please spread the word!

Poster by Dan Matutina

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