Hanging out with Nechane

I miss my friend, Nechane! We didn’t have the chance to even hang out days before she left for Canada, so the moment she landed here in Manila, I wasted no time to see her. Unfortunately our schedules didn’t match, so we have to cancel a number of times. But it pushed through nonetheless! It was wonderful having to talk to her again. I miss her and her stories and her jokes. And I wish she could stay, but I am really happy she is having the time of her life in Canada.

DSC_0539We’re such pigs :P

DSC_0543Spinach lasagna

DSC_0544Chicken macaroni salad





My very pretty friend! 

DSC_0542Would make a pretty couple. PERO WIT! Baka may magalit :P


DSC_0550Si Ate naka-MK!

DSC_0551Gone cheesecake hunting… but to no avail.

DSC_0552Level up ang Coffee Bean planner! *slow clap*





Bench black basic collared shirt, Oxygen gray denim pants, Punchdrunk Panda “Negatives” plimsolls and camera strap, Speedo square frames

And oh, I forgot to take a photo. Thanks for the H&M loot, teh! Sa uulitin, I love you! I hope I see you soon… in Canada :P

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