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Global Pinoy Bazaar 2011

So this is how it feels like to man a booth in a bazaar.




First PdP buyers get to have shot with Panda! :P


DSC_0133Shoes, sleeves, straps, notebooks, and… RINGS!!!!


Oh-so-cute rings! Available in bazaars and soon in our online shop!


DSC_0138Quick break at Happy Lemon. Soon to be reviewed at the Milk Tea Project :)


DSC_0141Happy panda sitters :D





It’s the first time I ever experienced selling in a bazaar. Well, I’ve had pseudo-experiences on fair selling when I was on High School, but I think that barely counts; especially when you account my friend-coercing efforts :P Anyway, I learned how to appreciate bazaar sellers. It takes a lot to man a booth – with all the crowd, the questions, the impossible haggles, etc! You can’t leave the booth just anytime. You can’t appear tired, you must always smile. Above all, you must sell your stuff to indecisive buyers (I quoted as such because I believe people do not know what they want and are generally indecisive.) Though I have to note that we’ve had a couple of buyers who just showed up and bought.



DSC_0171Bazaar Neighbors – Aklat Eklat/Local Loco and… 

DSC_0154Doodled Tees! I love their Tees!

We were situated outside the tent, right at the entrance to the bazaar. I don’t know if that is particularly good, but hell yeah it was cold inside the tent. Here are some of the stuff sold inside the tent…



DSC_0176Steve Jobs on a keychain!




DSC_0181Vinyl disc bags! Very witty!

DSC_0183Island Girl accessories… Some of these are made of coconut. Can you imagine?


DSC_0186Replaceable leather wrist watches. How convenient!


DSC_0190Satchel! Imma get one, I promise my dear old tired (and broke!) self haha!

DSC_0198Theo chocolates! They have the weirdest, nevertheless yummy, concoctions! My favorite are Dark Chocolate and Siling Labuyo and Dark Chocolate, Green Mango and Salt. Don’t you love the packaging, too!



DSC_0195One of the last brands that I visited was Timbre (pronounced as Tam-ber, according to owner Paul.) I love the design – globally competitive with the tribal artisan and proudly Filipino! Looking forward for this on December!


Thank you to those who supported Punchdrunk Panda! I was really tired that day, but it was fulfilling at the same time. I have newfound respect for bazaaristas for that matter :P

* The Global Pinoy Bazaar is annually organized by Yabang PinoyIt aims to showcase different 100% Filipino brands and products.

And in the daylight we can hitchhike to Maine

You all know how I really am not a music buff. I take recommendations from my peers and from random LSS (how can one be LSS and not know the title?) Just this morning, I downloaded this song upon recommendation of my partner in crime – Daylight by Matt and Kim reminds me of my carefree days way back college. Believe it or not, I am way happy-go-lucky-er then than now. Maybe it’s the adult in me now, LOL! But seriously, things are different now. I have a job, I pay my own bills, I have to save and shit like that. It’s crazy, it’s like an OD of to-do lists and responsibilities.

But I like it. Scratch that, I love it. I love my job and I cannot be more thankful to God for giving me this. I never imagined my life after college would be like this. It can be physically tiring, yes. Everything does, I think. But at least, now I sleep soundly and wake up before my alarm hits (happens a lot these days to me, idk why!) because I am just so happy I am living my life now. There may be a lot of things that I lack right now, but for sure everything will come to place in the perfect time.

I just have to post this right now, even if my body begs me its shuteye. I just have to blog how this song sends out the good vibes! *Puts this in the good morning playlist* Thanks to Hanna for introducing me to this song. You should really do a music blog, you know like, Blalock’s, LOL!

Sleeping now… for real!

Gabriel*Martel: Tocca di Lusso

DSC_0066Cariza Opana, Bianca Perez, Tatie Aquino, Erika Rodica, and Kevin Yapjoco

DSC_0067…and a lot more bloggers! Barely know them all, but I hope to get to know them better in the next events!

DSC_0068Glad to have met a reader (the one beside me) – meet Jacky Moraleda.


DSC_0073Edgy Momma! 














DSC_0109Oh the shuwezz!!!


F&H purple polo shirt, F&H light blue striped cardigan, Levi’s distressed white denims, Manels beige topsiders, Wrangler denim tote, Anagon Collection wired bib necklace, Speedo frames


Trying to experiment my non-boots-wearing look and unearthed my topsiders from Manels. I’ve been using that tote too much also, but just so because I’m still waiting for a pleasant surprise from… secret for now :P I really wanted to look very light and casual, yet not too much, since I just came from the Starbucks Cheer Party. I feel kinda odd without my boots, but change is good :D

Anyway. I’ve only heard of the posh brand Gabriel*Martel just right after their fashion show in Prive. Though the invite came in the last minute, it was to be noted that the collection and the brand itself is impressive. These creations by Celine Gabriel-Lim and Andrea Martel are really superb – I can see the pieces being featured in the nation’s high end magazines and maybe even tapping the international scene. You have to give it to Filipinos who really raise the bar of excellence. Tocca di Lusso means touches of luxury in Italian. This collection seems to have stood up to its name.

Thanks to Gerick Ortiz for inviting me and all the bloggers in the party! I did go home right away after the party (lolo mode!) because I still have work the next day. But I intend to stay at their next designer party at Prive! You should all watch out for it!

P.S. Props to the VERY simple yet utterly beautiful website by Gabriel*Martel! Indeed, branding in every touchpoint! Good job!!!

Starbucks Cheer Party!



DSC_0032Long liiiiiiine!

DSC_0035And the baristas were so busy


DSC_0037Erika in her happy red uniform

DSC_0038VERY TINY CAMERA? Parang I need this in my life

DSC_0039Acoustic Indulgence played very beautiful sets. Props to Erika for booking them for this party.

DSC_0040Free-flowing pastries. Oh, you do not wanna know what happened after the dairy overload :S

DSC_00421. I need to see Pabs, my hairstylist, 2. The Anagon necklace is just so pretty, 3. Why do I have to look so dorky?


think being dorky doesn’t matter anymore when you win free drinks and pretty keychains





Happy Frappucino family :D


DSC_0055Guess who!


DSC_0059BAMBOO! He’s so gwapo pala in person!

DSC_0057Back to food: I love their new Sundried Tomato and Basil Bun. Like I wanna baon them everyday!


DSC_0061There’s a photo booth also. Erika was running out of poses just to see Bamboo! 

DSC_0062LOL at the faces of the guitarists! Animated like Nica. Haha peace Nics! Anyway, their last set was Moves like Jagger and they really rocked it. I wanna go to their gigs!

I like that Starbucks took on the lounge thingy and got on with these series of parties. Buy one Take one on drinks + Photo Booth + Free pastries + Music + good company with friends = just the perfect night cap after hustlin’ around the metro and working so hard. Catch the Starbucks Cheer Party in other Starbucks branches as well as they would be hopping from one cafe to another (I don’t know when and where, go ask your favorite cute barista :P) This kinda reminds me of Anteroom Sessions, ’cause it’s basically it’s just the same banana. I hope more of this kind of activities will soon happen in local cafes – caffeine and music is a really good combination.

Thank you to Erika for inviting us and to Cariza, Tatie, and Mark also for the very light and bright night (oh that rhymes :P)

Last Week in Photos

A rather laid back week after Philippine Fashion Week, but nonetheless still hectic and productive (I am so grateful for this!) But I admit that my body really is now aching for a break. I am so hoping for a weekend soon!

I practically spent Monday and Tuesday blogging. Covered a number of my PFW posts, and I am happy my readers like it (thanks for those comments and tweets. It means a lot to me ❤)

DSC_0037Erika in werq mode

Went to Starbucks Cheer Party at The Fort to support my friend Erika, who hosted for this event. She was so charming in the stage and they got the band Acoustic Indulgence who played a wicked cover of Moves Like Jagger! Also, there were trivia contests, raffle, and free pastries. I stayed with Cariza, Tatie, and Mark the whole time Erika was working, and it was a hilarious evening indeed!


Freebies from Starbucks! I won a trivia contest :P


The Frappucino family. Reminded us of Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, and Paprika. HAHA! 



My current obsession: Sundried Tomato and Basil Bun.


Went to Gabriel*Martel Tocca di Lusso launch afterwards. I lurve the bags! I swear I wish I was a woman (but I don’t because of menstrual cramps and pregnancy, lol) if it meant having lots of bags and pairs of pumps!



DSC_0108Heart Evangelista



Last week was full of meetings and preps. One was with Hanna and Ella for our collaboration. I really can’t wait to share it here in my blog. We’re working so hard for this, and I promise it’s gonna be great!





Manned PdP’s booth at the Global Pinoy Bazaar. It was my first time to sell our stuff in a bazaar, and it was a great experience! I had fun meeting our beloved customers, both old and new! We’ll see you next at the Luxe at Il Terrazo, though!

DSC_0170Ava, Gersh, and Athan visited. Athan was so kulet! LOL!


DSC_0183These are made with Bamboo by Island Girl.

DSC_0190I promise to buy myself a satchel. Just had to figure how to save lots of moolah haha!

DSC_0193These headphones by Timbre (pronounced tam-ber), in collaboration with Team Manila, looks so nice! Will be blogging about this soon!

So busy! But I am always thankful for these blessings. Better be busy than be nada. Have a great week ahead, folks!

Subspace Coffee House

It’s not everyday that you stay in a coffee shop. I mean, yes, it can be a lifestyle on its own, but face it – it’s an expensive one. Though, every once in a while, everyone needs a breather from the workplace and may be in need for a coffee shop to work at. For me, it needs not to have the greatest tasting coffee, or the fastest wi-fi (though sometimes I insist that, internet should be non-negotiably lightning FAST) but it has to spark your creativity. It has to inspire. It has to kickstart your rather rusty engine and get you up and running about.

DSC_0561Inspiration overload


DSC_0551Wooden chairs for chandeliers. I don’t mind at all.






Enter Subspace Coffee House, the vintage-overloaded, out-of-the-box concept cafe located at the former Emerald avenue in Ortigas Center.

DSC_0553Vintage pieces gathered by Thor, the owner, from around the country and beyond (Outerspace? LOL!)


DSC_0555Sweet nothings



Everything just seems so well put in this place. Even menus are highly aligned to the aesthetic of the whole store, too. I didn’t get to try some food and drinks though. Maybe next time. Purple Potato Latte and Peanut Butter Latte sounds very intriguing…

DSC_0560EVE says hello by the counter. S/he may take your orders too, LOL!




If this place doesn’t give you even a hint of inspiration, then I don’t know what else would do. Take a look around the cafe (it’s not that big, anyway) and you’ll notice how the interiors alone redefine the cafe experience! The inspiration for this, so I read from blogs, is the rich and dynamically growing aesthetic of Seoul in South Korea. Arriane, a self-professed SoKor junkie confessed that cafes like this can be found in every corner in Seoul! I died in total and instantaneous envy! I can’t believe how we lack these kind of edgy-looking places here in the Philippines!







Sharing time: I don’t know if I told you already, but I have this kind of repulse over K-pop. However I suddenly realized it becomes bearable to listen to it when faced with overly design-indulgent interior pieces. Plus, I get to “appreciate” the foreign songs just a little bit. HAHA! #stillnotintoit #butnolongerhating



DSC_0591Thor + space crew


DSC_0603Remember that we did our bloggers preview here? It’s such a nice memory to look back to.


Everyone is happy :D

DSC_0582…even Panda!

I shall let the photos speak more for themselves. And oh, a mental note for everyone to visit their furniture store, Space Encounters next door.

Subspace Coffee House
Unit 103, G/F Grand Emerald Tower
F. Ortigas Jr. Rd, Ortigas Center, Pasig City | 655 7077
Mon – Sat 8am – 11pm

Ava Paguyo + Electric Cutes Collection Launch

Ava Paguyo + Electric Cutes

it’s Not a Comeback. Yet. But its a Dynamite

Music by

Happy Tears
Major Chie
Melvin Mojica
Mich Dulce

Kill Your Boyfriend
Only Revolutions

Poster by Everywhere We Shoot

Support our local designers!


Say hi to November with a bang! You gotta love Cubao X parties! See you there!

PFW S/S12 Loot!

A spin-off from all the runway shots and who’s who of the limelight. This is where I share the cream at the top of the smorgasbord of shows, the lil’ something that gives the shows a delightful sweet finish.



From Guess Philippines: a couple of beautiful lookbooks, notebook, GUESS List card, and an entitlement to a free pair of jeans! (Received this on a Monday night, and it definitely drove the blues (especially the jeans!) that day!)


From Vans Philippines: a Vans shirt, notebook, dope stickies, and tote bag. (An addition to my growing collection of black shirts!)


From Oxygen Clothing: a couple of Marcela shirts (one from the preview, and one from the PFW show,) a paper doll made by Soleil Ignacio – which is btw absolutely lovely! – and a couple more of items from the preview (tee-hee!) 


DSC_0025Oh Soleil got my dorky face! Gujab!!!! 

DSC_0026and apparently my fashion statement-ish too!

DSC_0027This is my favorite Marcela Gutierrez illustration for Oxygen

This is not to be taken as the sole motivating factor behind blogging. I mean, yes, being a blogger sometimes entitles you to these perks and privileges but it’s because the brands appreciate your time and effort. Nowadays, blogging really comes with a very hefty amount of “good stuff.” However I have long wanted to clear this side of blogging from my own point of view. That blogging is not just about the free stuff (but honestly, it’s a sweet addition) but it is also all about sharing who you are and your two cents about your food, your clothes, your gadgets or what may float your boat. Your desire to share matters and it’s a lot more than endorsements. I have been receiving questions regarding this, and I’ve thought this is the perfect opportunity to answer those questions. I hope I have given a fairly satisfactory answer though :D

And now, excuse me while I indulge myself a lil’ bit with these freebies. Tee-hee! Thank you very much to Guess, Vans, and especially Oxygen! Special thanks to Connect Agency for this wonderful opportunity and PFW for a great show :D

Will always be grateful,

Mario Maurer x Penshoppe + PFW Closing Remarks

PANDEMONIUM! And I mean that in both good and bad ways! You’ll see why:



My PFW technically ended with the Penshoppe show. I really did not intend to stay because my head was aching and my body was begging me for a break already that time. But I still needed to pull out from Anagon Collection for my shoot the next day. I stayed in SMX with hopes that I could intercept Ana, who watched the show, and go home right away. Staying there though was the wrongest decision! FANS WERE ALL OVER THE PLACE! And they were booing because they weren’t let in due to accommodation issues. Long story cut short – it was a pandemonium outside Hall 2!!!

But I guess seeing Mario, just in the screen made all the iffiness go away!




I really don’t care if I didn’t get a chance to see him, I can hunt him down in Bangkok and catch him walking at Siam Square. PAK! Very Love of Siam lang ang peg!

Anyhoo, saw this tweet from Penshoppe which concerns the rather disappointed fans that day:

For those who had Penshoppe PFW invites but weren’t able to get in, email your name & contact number to

And that concludes my PFW coverage! Not really much compared to last season, but son of a gun, I REALLY ENJOYED THIS SEASON! Thank you to Connect Agencie (Cholo dela Vega, Edryan Lorenzo, Carina Alejandrino, and Karelle Nicole), Jeff Bascon and Kat Reyes of Oxygen, Guess and Vans Philippines, Carmela Guzman of Wrangler Philippines, fashion blogger Erika Rodica, and all the bloggers who were with me (y’all BBs know who you are!) Hope I get to cover more next season, I’m truly and really excited. Philippine fashion is really something to look forward to – ever so radically and dynamically moving into a more straightforward change!

Congratulations to all the organizers, brands, designers, stylists, HMUAs, models, photographers, collaborators and crew of Philippine Fashion Week! Take a bow, y’all deserve it!


Vans S/S12

I think this is the first time Vans participated in the Philippine Fashion Week, and this is the last show that I watched. It may be the last, but it definitely gave me a high! I was surprised to be seated on the front row!!! Didn’t really expect that. Plus I love Vans’ stage – they built a mini skate park inside MOA. Cool, ain’t it?



1Sporty, cool, and classy.






6I think the strength of Vans is in their shoes. You can wear them anytime and still look sassy.


8Some celebrities walked the “skate park”


DSC_0925Cyclists and skaters did exhibitions too! Props to Vans for a stunning show!




DSC_0933Cute skater kids! I wish I know how to skate 


Jhong Hilario also did exhibitions! I created a GIF for that!






DSC_0989Shout out to my new blogger friend, the very chic Daphne Benosa

This may be their first PFW show but, heck, Vans knows how to put up some show! They stayed true to the skater brand that they’ve been known for. Props to that and for putting up with all these effort – extra hyping the runway, having skaters skate everywhere, and a lot more in between. Summer must really be the best season for the brand since their clothing line is very comfy and wearable. Now that’s what you need for the summer heat, isn’t it? Something that will not sweat you out in the middle of the summer heat and is completely wearable anytime.



DSC_0996F&H v-neck undershirt, Oxygen long-sleeve knitted turtle neck, Penshoppe semi-glossy pants, Thrifted military boots, Anagon silver wired bib necklace, Speedo frames… and a lot of loot bags, LOL!

I loooooooooove being in an all black ensemble. This may explain the plethora of black pieces in my closet! Aside from hiding my baby fats (which are ugly, very ugly) black is a classic style that never fades! The bib necklace that I ordered from Anagon arrived that afternoon, so I had a chance to match it with my outfit. And it just exploded in the middle of all the blackness that I wore! I am not that of an accessories person (another sweat mcahine issue) but I really love the detail that this necklace gives my rather bland outfit without it. Don’t you love the detail of Anagon’s wired collection? You go order here, before it’s too late!