IMMAP Open Mic Night

The Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) held the very first Open Mic Night at Craft bar in The Fort! It was a night of learning, inspiration, and a lot like overflowing Mexican fare and booze.

It was the first free Pecha Kucha session and people are so excited to hear from the speakers they had nominated in the IMMAP event wall in Facebook. The event was overflowing with spontaneity and a smorgasbord of what looks like edible inspiration.




Speakers are required to prepare 20 slides to be delivered at 20 seconds each – for a total of 6:40 minutes. It was amazing how much thoughts can be put in just  a little over 6 minutes of sharing. I can’t write everything here but I’ll try to do these amazing speakers some justice!

DSC_0304Jayvee Fernandez. The people who are important are not into social media.

DSC_0305Jay Jaboneta. The new people power in social media is to help Filipinos.

DSC_0306Andre Yap. Tell me and I will forget it. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and [I] will be one of [you].

DSC_0307Chay Saputil. Develop or better yet change the game. It has to be memorable and it has to be remarkable.

DSC_0308Anna Oposa. What one may lack in expertise can be made up for by persistence!

DSC_0309A quick break and look who we’ve got here! Atty. Chris Lao!

DSC_0310Oh. Had he been informed about this ambush photo op? NOT! :P 



DSC_0315Nasser Lubay. Your inspirations define your work. Stay inspired!

DSC_0316Coy Caballes. It’s all about the eye for viral. Content should evoke emotions. It is all about the people and [loving] your community.

DSC_0318Brian Tenorio. Seduction as a strategy in design helps you activate and target desire. (insert: I really really want to make a separate post about Tenorio’s talk. It’s so relevant!)

DSC_0319Patrick Cuartero. Compel in every touch point.

DSC_0320Ricky Baizas. If anything else fails, be your own CEO. Think Zuckerberg.

DSC_0321Carlo Ople. Do digital as you would your legacy!

DSC_0322Ernie Lopez. When you do the content, you feed your audience what they have no choice about.

DSC_0323Jim Paredes. Write stuff for us. Come as we are.

DSC_0324Third Domingo. Lunchtime is the new Primetime – everyone is stuck in only ONE medium.

DSC_0326Niccolo Cosme. (on AIDS awareness) If you’re doing nothing, then fuck you! (insert: I really (superlative!) enjoyed Niccolo’s talk so I really had forgotten to get his photo on stage. Good thing he’s just right beside me after his talk. Way to go, sister!)


I think what was clear from all the speakers that night was this – Passion is key to achieving whatever you want in life. You may be doing what you are ought to do, but what you ought to is not always what you what your heart tells you to do. Passion is key to a lock that holds you from reaching dreams. You have to find your passion. These people have and there should be nothing to stop you or me to find what we really want.

Thank you, IMMAP for coming up with this wonderful event. I was very inspired that day and God knows, I need a lot of it these days.

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