Of stereos and typographies

2011 302These are not my photos because I left my SD card at home. BUMMER!

2011 304

2011 311

2011 314Divisoria is a mess…

2011 319

2011 327But we found what we went there for.

2011 329

2011 334

2011 344We randomly stopped in front of once glorified architecture, but now completely forgotten

2011 388

2011 391We practically looked like tourists, but truthfully this is just our second time around here (first for Ella!)

2011 394

2011 407

2011 458The clouds are affirmative

2011 467We didn’t forget to have fun. After all, fun is what this is all about.

2011 474

2011 508

2011 554

2011 560Lunch at Manosca. Filling but kinda underwhelmed.

2011 569

2011 651This day took a lot of rides and walks… sore feet indeed!

2011 657

That day was pretty goddamn tiring. I never liked Divisoria in the first place. But heck it was sooooo productive! We got to accomplish a lot of things despite giving up a holiday and having to wake up the next day for work! I can say that my body may be complaining but my mind wants to do some more! Pretty impressive, when way back college, I seldom (LIKE REALLY SELDOM, TO THE POINT OF NOT EVEN BEING AN OPTION) become so productive, and now I’m almost drunk of being productive. Oh. That. Yes, pun intended folks :P

2011 693

2011 695

2011 696

It’s pretty amazing working with these two so far, and I am proud to say that we are nurses. Registered Nurses, for that matter. I believe it doesn’t matter what education you have. All one has to do is to be open-minded about your options, your talents, and your passion. Yeah, a pretty nice shout out to all nurses out there!

2011 707

Photos by Hanna Samson

If you’re gonna ask about the title, then the logo above may explain. StereoTyped is one of my latest collaborations, now with college buddies Hanna and Ella. I must admit, that I’ve been fancying around having a shirt collaboration for the longest time! Though I do not want to preempt the collection, I’m just gonna say that this one is pretty dope. Ella designed the whole PILOT collection inspired by music and typography! Can’t say more for now, but we’re looking forward to sharing it with all of you once it’s out!

Support StereoTyped and be free to wear the soundtrack of your life with our originally-designed, audio-inspired shirts! Like us in Facebook, follow us in Twitter (@wearstereotyped), and follow our blog in Tumblr to get updates from us! Keep tuned in ’cause we’ll be releasing our PILOT collection in a matter of days time! We hope you’re excited because damn we are!

3 responses to “Of stereos and typographies

  1. TAPANG NYO!!!!goodjob..i mean entering this kind of business :)

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