Last Week in Photos

Straight from the GPB last week, I really didn’t have a weekend. Props to my body for not crashing, LOL! Anyway, I love this week because it’s so busy and productive. But it was also fun. Lots and lots of fun with friends, officemates, collaborators, and what have you.

2011 304

2011 327

2011 328

2011 341

2011 340

2011 366

2011 394Forgive that face. MY FAAAAACE!

2011 407

2011 516Divisoria photos by iphoneographer Hanna Samson

Went to Divisoria to source for our little project. I think this is the highlight of my week – Hanna, Ella, and I braved the roads of Manila and back to Eastwood, where our temporary HQ is, to plan a lot for this project. I’m glad our baby steps are going somewhere! Props to my team for being so cooperative :D




Attended WGSN trend forecasting seminar at Raffles Design Institute in The Fort. It was seeing fashion in a different set of eyes, and thanks to that, I now have more knowledge in fashion than just “black really is elegant.” LOL! Also, we had a tour at the international institution. Makes me wanna study again!



Tango Fire is coming here in Manila! And I am so lucky to be the one of the first to know it! Tango is my favorite ballroom way back college PE days. Though I know it’s a dance between a quarreling couple, I never knew it comes in a ballet form! Looking forward to this indeed!


DSC_0309Was he informed I’m gonna take this photo? LOL! Chris Lao in the house!!!


IMMAP Open Mic Night at Craft was really awesome! I was really inspired to continue my newfound career in Marketing and it was indeed a learning smorgasbord for everyone! Will be sharing tots of inspiration I got from this session really soon!




Dropped by Mango Shangri-la with some other bloggers to shoot their Holiday collection. I wish they carry a men’s line because I really love the fabric they use here. I can almost see myself wearing it. No not the women’s clothes. LOL, forget I said that :P




Spotted Bianca Valerio on the runway

Capped the weekend by watching Shangri-la’s Holiday Fashion Show; featuring some of the brands they carry under their mall!

Not bad at all. I love doing this weekly photo thing and I also love being busy! Don’t you?

Keep being productive,

3 responses to “Last Week in Photos

  1. is that jayvee? he’s beginning to look like carlos celdran.

    where’s our pic in nuvo? =)

  2. yey! ok, will wait for ’em. thanks! :)

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