Global Pinoy Bazaar 2011

So this is how it feels like to man a booth in a bazaar.




First PdP buyers get to have shot with Panda! :P


DSC_0133Shoes, sleeves, straps, notebooks, and… RINGS!!!!


Oh-so-cute rings! Available in bazaars and soon in our online shop!


DSC_0138Quick break at Happy Lemon. Soon to be reviewed at the Milk Tea Project :)


DSC_0141Happy panda sitters :D





It’s the first time I ever experienced selling in a bazaar. Well, I’ve had pseudo-experiences on fair selling when I was on High School, but I think that barely counts; especially when you account my friend-coercing efforts :P Anyway, I learned how to appreciate bazaar sellers. It takes a lot to man a booth – with all the crowd, the questions, the impossible haggles, etc! You can’t leave the booth just anytime. You can’t appear tired, you must always smile. Above all, you must sell your stuff to indecisive buyers (I quoted as such because I believe people do not know what they want and are generally indecisive.) Though I have to note that we’ve had a couple of buyers who just showed up and bought.



DSC_0171Bazaar Neighbors – Aklat Eklat/Local Loco and… 

DSC_0154Doodled Tees! I love their Tees!

We were situated outside the tent, right at the entrance to the bazaar. I don’t know if that is particularly good, but hell yeah it was cold inside the tent. Here are some of the stuff sold inside the tent…



DSC_0176Steve Jobs on a keychain!




DSC_0181Vinyl disc bags! Very witty!

DSC_0183Island Girl accessories… Some of these are made of coconut. Can you imagine?


DSC_0186Replaceable leather wrist watches. How convenient!


DSC_0190Satchel! Imma get one, I promise my dear old tired (and broke!) self haha!

DSC_0198Theo chocolates! They have the weirdest, nevertheless yummy, concoctions! My favorite are Dark Chocolate and Siling Labuyo and Dark Chocolate, Green Mango and Salt. Don’t you love the packaging, too!



DSC_0195One of the last brands that I visited was Timbre (pronounced as Tam-ber, according to owner Paul.) I love the design – globally competitive with the tribal artisan and proudly Filipino! Looking forward for this on December!


Thank you to those who supported Punchdrunk Panda! I was really tired that day, but it was fulfilling at the same time. I have newfound respect for bazaaristas for that matter :P

* The Global Pinoy Bazaar is annually organized by Yabang PinoyIt aims to showcase different 100% Filipino brands and products.

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