The Ramp S/S12

Was really running late, good thing Erika waited for me to give me my tickets (thank you, BB!) Drawback was, Erika lost her seat because the marshals wouldn’t let us in the bleachers anymore. Boohoo!

Anyway. I love The Ramp‘s show. It’s full of yellows, beiges, and whites with hints of blue. Very color-thematic. Very cool and summer! And oh, it’s a plus Bianca Valerio walked through the runway. I love her fierceness when she walks the ramp (no pun intended) and how she struts her stuff. An addition to my growing list of girl crushes, indeed.




4I think the shirts are from Mundo. I love the patterns from Mundo – very eclectic and edgy.

5Charming kids!!! They always get the “awwwwww”


7Jen Aquino will approve of these pieces!







My Saturday at the PFW was rather chaotic. Trying to recover from a hangover + three (supposedly) shows in one day + pulling out for my shoot the next day. I can swear by my breath that my body is complaining, muscle aches everywhere, but I am NOT complaining. Indeed one happy camper here! I love PFW!


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