PdP x Bloggers teaser

Yesterday, we at PdP hosted an intimate bloggers preview of our new camera straps at Subspace Coffee House (that place is so awesome!) I am so excited with collaborating with these bloggers and I cannot wait to blog more about this. Unfortunately, some things (i.e. adult stuff) must carry on before this, so the reason for this teaser. BUT I am getting back to all of you to tell how awesome the event went! For the meanwhile watch and enjoy this video (above) made by our Master Panda, Jen Horn.

Also follow David, Arriane, Alexis, and Eileen to win PdP GCs and tickets to the Global Pinoy Bazaar! Thanks, guys and gals!

This week has been pretty much EPIC so far! Still, more surprises keep on, well… surprising me. This week’s for the keeps. Thank you, Universe! :)

Millionz of elyenz!


2 responses to “PdP x Bloggers teaser

  1. Great blog, Jonver! :)

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