Makati wisdom

Makati will always have a soft spot in my heart. It is where I spent two months and a half for my first job, and I will not deny, not one bit, that I enjoyed being in Makati. It’s ironic though, that we don’t have dress code in the office and wearing shirt and denims almost fools everyone that I am a student in Mapua Makati. Hey, I still do look like a college student, according to some! It’s also convenient that Makati is the hub of almost all events. I did not have much problem attending events after my work.

Two and a half months is STILL two and a half months. I like to believe that I learned a lot from Makati. So here are some of the wise tips that I picked up during my Makati days:

  • ALWAYS leave before six. Before 6am. Before 6pm. Six is truly the number of the devil. It is always when traffic is at it’s heaviest. Believe me, you don’t want to learn this the hard way.
  • You can reach places in Makati just by walking, especially if you don’t want to rip your budget, and if you’re shooting for physical exercise after sitting down in your 9-5 job.
  • In light of that, always bring an extra shirt – especially if your sweat glands are hyperactive, like mine.
  • Buendia and Ayala are two different stations in the MRT. You may want to just walk it, since it is really just near. Again, walkable.
  • On a tight budget? There’s the jolly jeep in almost every street!
  • If you’re planning to eat out, eat out on Fridays. Most jolly jeeps reheat their stuff. That soupy pinapaitan gets a little thick on Fridays, just in case you ask for an example.
  • Watch your thighs. Don’t eat Ministop chicken EVERYDAY even if it tastes sooooooooo goooooood.
  • Beware of payday weekends. Even the before six rule does not apply.
  • There are two trains going to Makati – LRT1 Gil Puyat and MRT Guadalupe, Buendia, and Ayala. Choose wisely where you are near.
  • THERE ARE FREE RIDES. Look for the eJeepney sign. They go through Landmark and the Makati City Hall. Click here for schedule.
  •  Riding the jeep to the MRT. Drop by at Park Square, nearer than Landmark.
So much for being the commuter king and diet advocate. Haha! I just miss Makati, that’s all :) 

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