Roofcamp #14

Went to this mixer thingamajig at Calle Sirocco at Jupiter street. We met a lot of people in the web developing world and it was an opportunity to introduce our company as a design company to these developers.

DSC_0410I like Calle Sirocco’s interiors. Not too club-y, not too quiet either.

DSC_0414A couple of speakers shared


DSC_0413Shut the fuck up and make awesome shit!

DSC_0421Hacking innovation




DSC_0426Ate two dinners!!! I like the hashbrown, I did not (and think will never) like their burger.

I learned a lot from this:

  1. Everything starts with doing. A plan is good, but getting your ass off is the real first step.
  2. Necessity being the mother of all innovation is true. But moving towards innovation is a completely different task.
  3. Keep inspired, but keep on moving as well.
  4. Stop waiting, start doing, and be the change that you want the world to be.

I’m so glad I went, even though I have to cancel my meeting for it. I’m so excited to share this to my future team (crossing fingers, eagerly wanting, and praying so hard for this.) Keep inspired, everyone!


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