The Milk Tea Project continues on Cha Dao Maginhawa branch. I marched straight from the Bloggers Congress and a quick dinner at Megamall, capping the night at this tea place.





Is it just me, or tea shops are starting to look alike #justsayin. Anyway, I love how welcoming the shop is. They have tents outside so customers can enjoy their tea al fresco. It was still  the soft opening period, so it is understandable that the crowd is still somewhat sparse.

DSC_0131This menu is on a table and is very convenient. You have to give it that they have warm service. Props to that.



I have to be honest here. I really do not like how they did their tea in this place. I ordered the Classic Milk Tea and it really reminds me  of Nido (which I run away from when I was a kid.) No offense to Nido and Nido lovers, but I really loathe the taste of powdered milk – ANY powdered milk. I cannot taste the tea in the drink and I can’t forgive the powdered milk taste (sorry.) I’d like to believe that the tea is just so awkwardly sweet because the crew made a mistake.

Please believe me that it disheartens me to give a bad review. I do not want to destroy any brand name, and the sole purpose of this project is to promote the tea lifestyle – the diversity of each and every shop and how they are making a good and sustainable competition in the Philippines.

In light of this, I am going to give Cha Dao a second chance and this post will serve as a work in progress. I hope that this will be a push for the tea place to improve their tea.

DSC_0134Come to think of it, the sweetness of the macaron from The French Baker numbed my tongue a little to taste a little tea from my drink.

DSC_0135But still, a milk tea drink should be able to stand in itself.

Til we see each other again, Cha Dao! :)

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