Help Save a Heartbeat

It’s sweet when businesses are not just making profit for owners themselves, when they go the extra mile to support a cause. In this case, my online shop owner friend Eunicena informed me about their new line of shirts at VNALTIK and how it is made to support a friend who’s having a heart surgery. Surgery ain’t cheap, let’s admit it. So I really admire her for her love for her friend and her sincerity to help.

I LOVE THE DESIGNS! No, really! It speaks to the heart (pun intended) and is very classy, nonetheless. The shirts cost PhP550 and the tank top, PhP350. It’s available in men’s and women’s sizes, too – so everyone can avail!  Not too steep for a piece of fashionable clothing that can spark a whole new chance of living for someone. Some of us buy very expensive clothes and I have nothing to rant about that – it’s everybody’s right to feel and look good in clothing. But when an opportunity to help like this opens, I hope you have a heart to spend some bucks to help save a life.

If you are willing to help (and to wear this, I honestly cannot think how you won’t want this, hehe) click here and fill out the order form. You may also read Eunicena’s blog post here about The Beat Goes On and like it on Facebook here.

Thank you! And I hope you spread the word… to the same beat.

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