Sick and Blue


No rain is gonna stop me from going out! LOL! Actually, I had to pay bills so I needed to go out. My allergic rhinitis made it hard for me though. Been sick ever since I’m back from the family reunion.



Rain is the perfect excuse to wear zeh boots!


Trying hard to be fierce!

DSC_0253Top – Grafitee, Jacket – FEU, Reversible jeans – Oxygen, Military boots – Thrifted, Backpack – Reebok

I know I’m a bit old for a backpack, but I love this bag that I bought from the Sports Outlet Sale at Eastwood City! Bought it at PhP 350 from PhP 750! It’s so spacious – I can bring Toshi the lappie and Chace the D3100, all at the same space!

DSC_0232Hainanese Chicken Rice at Toast Box! I looooooove chicken rice!


DSC_0234As if I’m not full enough, I still had French Toast


DSC_0236You break the eggs, put special soy sauce and dip bread here! Yummmm!

DSC_0238Nica of Oh Random! playing with a panda head cutout

DSC_0240But obviously we failed



One response to “Sick and Blue

  1. Oh my face! Can’t believe my perfectly round face didnt fill that panda head cut-out :) Tea-hee :)

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