Let’s make milk tea! v1

It was a delightful stressful afternoon and I was planning to leave the house for Moonleaf. My sister sms’d and said she’s already on her way home and she needed me to stay home and help her with a last-minute project. So I cancelled. I asked her to buy me Hakka milk tea, if she has any extra moolah. Unfortunately, she’s on a tight budget. #fail

Was already craving, so I looked at the fridge if I still had tea to brew, et voila – three more Lipton bags from Joy’s parting gift (I gave her an oatmeal packet in exchange, tea-hee!)

Let’s make milk tea then! >:)

* I documented it just in case somebody needs a walkthrough :P

DSC_0027Steep tea of choice for 5 -7 minutes. It’s fine if you don’t get the water to tea bag ratio. We’ll add water later :)

DSC_0028While waiting, choose a movie to watch later while sipping your tea

DSC_0029Or check your tweets

DSC_0030Or count spare change

DSC_0031Or notice how your fan is screwed (I just saw this after taking the photo)

DSC_0032and that’s a broken clock (not relevant haha)

DSC_0040Or just listen to music. Just watch the time, you won’t like it when your tea’s bitter

DSC_0033Finally, 7 minutes is up. Lift your tea bags 

DSC_0035Add milk. Up to you to use powdered or not. You may also use creamer. Actually creamer is a better idea. Nido tastes like polvoron

DSC_0036LOL not that much!!! I just added a spoonful.

DSC_0034Add water and ice to your brown liquid

DSC_0037Add sugar to your taste. I used a spoonful of brown sugar here. You may opt not to add sugar too! It’s a free country, lol! You may also add syrups (like almond, Kahlua, or mint!) For me, I like to keep it simple – milk tea is the way to go!

DSC_0038There you go, you have homemade milk tea!

DSC_0039Excuse me as I enjoy my tea. Excuse my eyebags, too!

Best enjoyed with a macaron. I don’t have stock, though :(

It was a lot of work compared to just ordering from my favorite milk tea shop! I cannot tell you it tasted phenomenal ’cause it didn’t. Imma need practice for this. But at least I have been parched from my tea craving! :)

Mental note:  I’ll definitely use creamer the next time. How about I make tapioca? LOLWHUT, I’m not a tapioca person.

Or just wait a milk tea shop open near this town. (Now that’s thinking out loud. I’m so tamad!)

I hope I win at this contest!!! :)


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