• Finished The Big Bang Theory Season 3
  • Downloading The Big Bang Theory Season 4
  • Up to date with my three G’s of TV series
  • Ohmahgawd, ain’t I pathetic, watching too much TV?
  • On the contrary, I’m planning to watch a movie (in the lappie of course)
  • Is still, and currently craving for French macarons. And oh, Red Velvet cupcake from Sonja’s. Never a pastry person, just now. I don’t even!
  • Is not swimming in urgent backlogs. Yay!!!
  • It means my backlogs for now are just fillers, so I can dealy guiltlessly (geek stuff)
  • It’s Sunday. I’m trying to avoid my email.
  • Downloading Easy A also, since Hanna and Ella wants me to watch it.
  • Signal at home sucks. One of the million reasons I can’t stay put here.
  • Though internet now is generally good.
  • Which reminds me, I still have to pay my bills.
  • Oh gawd, adult stuff. You know you’re old when you pay your own bills. And you randomly, or selectively, forget about it.
  • Imma stop typing this blog and pick which movie to watch. Toshi, my lappie, needs some much-needed space.
  • Will prolly read some blogs before finally shutting this thing off. If you have SG posts, I wanna read them later :)
Very random, sabog thoughts. Ciao for now!!!

2 responses to “Random

  1. I love Big Bang Theory! I watch every time I have the chance.

    I also agree with your friends, Easy A is a fun film to watch. :D

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