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Homophobia should end here and now

PAK! At gusto pala ni Mother ng anak na Becky! Represent!!!

Kidding aside, what she said is true and I hope she meant it from the heart. I can give a long and painstaking write up on homophobia and gender equality, but for now, I’ll let Divine talk this one out. How amazing even for a straight woman to talk passionately against oppression on homosexuals. I can’t help myself from nodding to her points. Not the boldest speech ever, but she has something to say.

Homophobia should end here and now. This patriarchal society must learn to bend and see beyond the preference and acknowledge the person instead. Homosexuals are not freaks, they are even more talented than most of us. They are just being themselves, and there is nothing wrong with that. Everybody should try that for a change.

And with that I leave you with Take Me or Leave Me from the musical Rent. Let’s celebrate diversity!

Equality for all!!!


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