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What’s toastin’?

It’s raining, and there is no other food I crave for but comfort food, which will easily translate to Singaporean food :)

DSC_0704Spicy Laksa to warm you up



DSC_0709Hainanese Chicken Rice to rev your engines up

DSC_0711Some Nasi Lemak for a quirky taste bud ride

DSC_0712And down it with a tall glass of Yuan Yang – where coffee meets tea. I can certify myself a caffeine dependent person after a gulp. LOL!

DSC_0702Or perhaps a refereshing help of Barley Tea. The sound of “barley” scares me, but maybe it’s worth a try.

DSC_0703And after all the hustlin’ around town, why don’t you reward yourself with a cup of steamy Kopi Tarik. 

Toast Box
Basement level, Trinoma
Quezon City

P.S. I’m craving now!!!

I need a break, I need art

SILVERLENS GALLERIES opening September 28, Wednesday, 6-9pm: Isa Lorenzo at Silverlens, Patricia Eustaquio at SLab, and Tatong Recheta Torres at 20SQUARE

To usher in the month of October, Silverlens/Slab/20SQUARE present shows by Isa Lorenzo, Patricia Perez Eustaquio, and Tatong Recheta Torres.

Inspired by mythology and recent readings, Isa Lorenzo asks, “What if reincarnations could mix forms: to have the body of a human but the head of a forest fern, or the body of a lion but the head of a hawk?” Her show, titled INCARNATE showcases a microgalaxy of mixed form rebirths, and hybrids that perhaps exist beyond the photographer’s imagination.

In SLab, we have CLOUD COUNTRY, where Patricia Perez Eustaquio presents her characteristic work, paintings on shaped canvases, as well as new work cast from materials we haven’t seen her work with before– crystal, bronze, a mirror and a photograph. The artist puts it best; Cloud Country “makes tenuous connections between images, text and material. [It] relies on the tangential narratives that their marriages conjure.”

Tatong Recheta Torres rounds up the October series with a solo show in 20SQUARE called GLUTTED VERTEBRATES. Working with oil, watercolor, and charcoal, Torres’s show features grim creatures made completely of hair– beings that fit right in the artist’s perception of an alternate world.

All three shows open on September 28, 2011, Wednesday, 6-9pm, and run until October 19, 2011.

left image: Isa Lorenzo, Phoenix Dextra, 2011 (detail); center image: Patricia Eustaquio, Blue Eyes, 2011 (detail); right image: Tatong Recheta Torres, Fandom Vulgaris, 2011 (detail)


I love newsletters! They remind me of things that I want to do that my forgetful self always wins over. Silverlens have monthly art exhibits and I love it to bits – especially when I am stressed and in need of some art therapy. I consider going to galleries relaxation, giving my brain a chance to unwind, to think differently and outwardly, and just relax. It miraculously loosens up my cramped up mind and sets me free for a while. You should try it! It’s been a while since I’ve gone to see a gallery, that I am so excited to drop by and gorge myself on the juicy exhibitions. I need this badly now.

In this world that calls itself free, is an imprisoned self. We need to liberate ourselves every once in a while. 

Silverlens Gallery
2320 Pasong Tamo Extension
Makati City, Philippines
(632) 816 0044
Mon – Fri, 10-7 pm
Sat, 1-6 pm