Last Week in Photos

I’m the hippest smurf ever, LOL! I love that rocking chair at Sip, btw.

Photo by Hanna Samson

Visited Muji Greenbelt. Muji’s newest branch. I know, I know – all Muji branches are the same, but it is just so therapeutic going here and it’s very near my office. So I went, LOL!

I can do my entire Christmas shopping here, I swear.

Scissors. Yes, very smart eh?

Afterwards, I went to a meeting at Rockwell for a talk in Albay. I’m pretty scared and excited all at the same time for this.

Dinner with Jen. Long overdue birthday dinner. Had some tempura and karaage, then watched Zombadings. It still was funny even for the second time around. OH! Let’s watch Rakenrol next!!!

Store Shoot. For Binalot.






DSC_0800This guard called my attention. I tried to ignore him though – because I know what I’m doing LOL! I have a goddamn camera in my hand not a gun!!!

Franchise Asia 2011. Went here for work. I had a great time looking at the booths and tasting different stuff, as most participants were food companies. Also we won best booth!!! Yay for Binalot!!!



DSC_0870Hello there, Wendy cosplayer!

DSC_0871Max’s booth looks like a lounge – and greets you right after entering the hall.

DSC_0876I love how this Bench booth (actually Suyen corporation booth) looks like a pop-up shop. But they were not selling anything, hehe.

DSC_0878Our friend Manels was also there. I didn’t get to see Mark though.

DSC_0881The Mini Cooper from Crystal Clear was back!


DSC_0884And yes, our winning homey booth. Don’t you love how Zen it looks like?

Community Creativity Camp at Beacon School. Had spent weeks and weeks preparing for this and it finally happened. Will blog more of this in another post.

I got to be teacher for a day

Super kulit kids! I think they feed on patience, LOL!

Milk tea afterwards. Finally tried Sip at Galleria. Will be reviewing the place soon!

All is fun but I won’t deny that my stress level is at the neck already. I need a bubble wrap. Or a really long hibernation. WEEKEND PLEASE!!!

Some photos from my BlackBerry Curve 8520.


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