Reebok x FTW

Gawd, my internet still isn’t back! And here I am hooking at some random wi-fi trying to cretinize my backlog. I swear I wish I grow tall like my backlogs are like on chlorella.

Anyway. Enough ranting. Few of my recent posts are really rants and I do hope I haven’t put you on so much boredom.

I was invited to an intimate bloggers’ preview of a new publication and of Reebok’s new collection.




FTW Magazine, or simply for the win is a local free magazine focusing in health and fitness. This is spearheaded by some of my friends – Marga, Kassy, Chad, with my new friend Vicky who is their EIC. I am so proud of these guys and gals for working so hard for their own publication! Of course, being friends with them has some benefits, like this:


I kid! This FTW card entitles you to a whole lot of discounts (more of this coming) like 20% off on your Reebok shoes! It will be available in the market soon!


Speaking of Reebok, do you know that I didn’t buy any other rubber shoe brand aside from Reebok? Actually we’re a family of Reebok users (but I seldom use rubbers now) starting from my grandmom to my youngest sister. And so I am thrilled of this new product from Reebok, I just wish it has a men’s version!


Featuring the EasyTone apparel that features Reebok’s resistance technology. The unique placement and tightness of resistance technology hugs the back and thighs. EasyTone apparel makes you look and feel good as you get moving. EasyTone footwear has built-in balance pods featuring Moving Air Technology that transfers air in response to your stride, creating micro-instability with each step.

Both EasyTone footwear and apparel combine function and style that’s fashionable enough for everyday wear, yet is signed to help provide toning benefits as you move.

How is that for working out without even trying? I think I need this but I will need a bigger size – I hope it comes with men’s sizes, too! As of now, only women can enjoy this amazing feature from Reebok!

DSC_0692Chad, the laptop-holder. LOL!

The video that Chad was showing was the video of the Women of Reebok. To reinforce EasyTone’s message of fit and active lifestyle without compromising fashion and intelligent style, Reebok has tapped empowered Filipina women to represent the brand: Bow Valdez, Rowena Aquino, Pearl Managuelod, Kassy Pajarillo, Nikki Gil, Nina Terol-Zialcita, Betty Romero, Vicky Ras, Ana Santos, Nikka Sarthou, and Darlene Anderson.

DSC_0696Jane of Blogwatch won the gift certificate from Reebok – by dancing her butt off in front of all of us. Brave woman, you are!

DSC_0697Filmmaker who made Nikki Gil’s video (forgot his name, sarreh)

DSC_0701Fellow nurse and HIV/AIDS advocate Angelo of Pananaghoy

DSC_0699Most chica and kulit seatmate – Pax of Drowning Equilibriums

DSC_0698Reebok x FTW x Media x Bloggers

Congratulations for the successful launch, Team FTW and Team Reebok! Keep it up!


And for that, everybody deserves cocktails on a Friday. I’m definitely going back to Wicked Kitchen! LOL!


5 responses to “Reebok x FTW

  1. Hi Johnver! Thank you loads for celebrating the EasyTone experience with us that bloggers’ night. It was great finally meeting you and I hope to see more of you in future bloggers’ events. Cheers!

  2. There will be for easytone for MEN’s sooon!! :)

  3. there will be easytone for MEN soon!! :)

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