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TMTP Moonleaf Tea Shop

The Milk Tea Project (TMTP) will officially commence in Moonleaf Tea Shop in Maginhawa street.


Moonleaf is quite young for a milk tea brand, not even having their first year. However, the brand is boasting already of quite a number of loyal customers. I’ve tried their basic drink, Pearl Milk Tea, and it isn’t too far from the others, though I noticed that it’s less sweeter and it tastes more of tea than of sugar (or non-dairy creamer) – which by the way is the case for some tea shops. I’m not a big fan of pearls or tapioca, but Moonleaf’s are soft and chewy and, again, less sweet. Some tapioca versions tend to be sweet.

*insert awesome photo of menu*

Fine, I forgot. But I will post it when I get the chance to. They only have a few items in their menu, including bestsellers Wintermelon, Yogurt, Tiramisu for milk-based drinks, and Passion Fruit and Lychee Yakult for Fruit-based ones. My personal favorite would be the Yogurt milk tea – you can imagine sipping some 700ml of Yakult! I like it that way :P

Price is relatively cheaper than other brands, ranging from PhP 45 to PhP 75, depending on the variant, on a single size only. And oh! I hate hate hate myself for forgetting to take a photo of the menu. The menu is designed by Cineaste President Jan Pineda and it is basking on glorious minimalism. Moonleaf got kickass design, you see!


I like it how minimalist the furniture is, too! The place can get packed, so be sure to have something to reserve your seat. Also, be kind and share your seat. Outlets are available, so you can prolly do your stuff here. Be sure to be patient enough because it tends to get noisy with all of the people talking all at the same time, though you may always opt to stay at the al fresco.


They have a community board where you can pin your business card, pub mats, posters, doodles, and pretty much everything. It’s fun reading them – who knows you find your next client or business partner here! Most of the events posted are in UP, since it’s very near the place.


Check out also how this cafe turns into a complete and full-packed event place when they had their grand opening and when we last held Anteroom Sessions here.

Mostly, students fill the place with their laptops and books. But sometimes, I see people dressed to the nines capping the night off here also. Sometimes, it’s just a milk tea addict like me who travels all the way just for the sake.


Pat approves of the Pearl Milk Tea! APRUB! 

Moonleaf Tea Shop started out as a small take-out shop at the corner of Magiting and Maginhawa street in Teacher’s Village, Diliman. Nearing their first year in the business, Moonleaf opened their flagship store in Maginhawa, and more branches coming even as franchising has opened.


Do tune in for their big anniversary celebration this October!

Moonleaf Tea Shop
103 Maginhawa street
UP Teacher’s Village
Diliman, Quezon City
Also in Magiting, Katipunan, and UST