For a nurse-friendly Philippines


There you have it, finally! Finally, the DOH opened their eyes and took action at the atrocity of opportunistic hospitals exploiting the need of nurses. I am in an overzealous state and maybe, in an overhopeful tone, that this will change the face of nursing profession in the country.

Then again, I have to reiterate that we are licensed professionals and we do not deserve to be treated as if we are still students. We passed the board exam for a reason – and being admitted as a nurse volunteer in exchange of work experience is undeniable exploitation (in part of the employer) and a pathetic act (in part of the nurse.) As licensed professionals we should be compensated duly for our services. The reason why our kind do not stay, is not only because of greener pastures, but because this country (the hospital administrators, especially) does not give what we are due of, not even enough to even feed our families.

This memo may be flawless in words, however it cannot be executed fully without political will. So the battle must continue after this – Hospitals should be inspected. Administrators should be monitored. And results should be evident. It should not stop with this.

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