FOX’s Glee Season 3: September 20, 2011 EST

CBS’ The Big Bang Theory Season 5: September 22, 2011 EST

Congratulations to Jim Parsons, a.k.a. Dr. Sheldon Cooper for winning the Emmy for Best Actor in Comedy! You deserve it, doc!

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy Season 8: September 22, 2011 EST 

The CW’s Gossip Girl Season 5: September 26, 2011 EST

They’re here to keep me sane again!!! Notice that they’re all G’s except for one. I miss watching, and this is the main reason why I can’t watch any other shows in their season. Here are some things to look forward to:

  • Blair‘s royal engagement – and wedding?
  • ALWAYS Chace Crawford. Always. Rawr!!!
  • Who cares about Charlie?
  • And what the fuck, I’m stuck at Chace haha!
  • Quinn‘s punky pink hair
  • Sam and Mercedes. No racist bitches, please.
  • Graduation?
  • Grey-Shepherd family
  • More Jackson x Lexie please!
  • I am still on Season 3 for TBBT (so sad)
  • And I won’t spoil it for the love of me, haha!
I really can’t spoil anymore. I have to stop reading to spare myself. Surprise meeeee!

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