Last Week in… er, Text

This was supposedly titled Last Week in Photos. But I guess it’s different when you have work and your internet provider is really getting to your nerves. My default editing and watermark is at home. And I really feel guilty uploading my stuff here at the office, especially when we are equally problematic about our connection also. Just think prudence, okay?

So, I’ll wait for Globe to give me back my internet. If ever Globe reads this, please know that your CSR sucks. Please, invest on your front line men.

So here goes, a more diary-ish entry (I actually remembered I kept one because it was required – not a fan of handwriting) of what happened last week.

  • September 5, Monday – still sick from the previous week. One of those very few days that I was compelled and I was comfortable going home early. Seriously, I ached for my bed. Sidetrip to Malolos to give something to my Aunt.
  • September 6, Tuesday – as if I was any better. Went out with Jen and Nica of Punchdrunk Panda and shopped for the Community Creativity Camp (CCC) – our little CSR activity at Brgy. Fort. I will blog further after we are done with it. We ate at Bodhi and had Chatime after (yes, very random taste bud stimulation.) I also got to know them better. Met Jen after and had maki at Bubble Tea. I can’t believe myself being sick and still going out. Me already!!!
  •  September 7, Wednesday – Wonder Wednesdays at My Masterpiece Movement! I think this is what they call art therapy. And yes, as I expected, it helped me clear my mind – long overdue since my Sagada plans had flopped. Also got to meet people we will be working with at the CSR. Great and creative people!

  • September 8, Thursday – rested, nothing much. But I read a lot of blogs which are written by people who moved to NYC. Very interesting. Will blog about this further in the coming days.
  • September 9, Friday – Accompanied my boss to her talk at Assumption College. Gawd, I haven’t reached a year and I missed school already. Anyway. I went to Meiday at Cubao X with Pate and Chris after. Nothing much, since I think the gigs at BSIDE the next day were the highlights. Just had some drinks with Pate and Chris. And srsly, what is happening at Cubao X. Redeem!!!
  • September 10, Saturday – was supposed to go to the RCAP victory party, but then I got a lil tipsy last night so I woke up late. Went straight to the CCC run through at the MMM headquarters. Also watched Zombadings (like, FINALLY!) with Audrey, and Nikko her boyfriend. Was really laughing all the time, even screeched at some parts (ANG EKSENA SA HAGDAN HOWMAYGAD!!!!) and I was really concerned that they may be freaked out watching it with me since I’m all out noisy inside the cinema. Fortunately they understood why – kasi relate much lang akechiwa. Had dinner at Bonchon and I swear it taste so sinful, I can’t believe it’s healthier than Mcdo or KFC or whatnot.

  • September 11, Sunday – went to my former church in Bulacan, and met some friends I haven’t seen for the longest time. Saw some faces I’d rather not see, too. Srsly, ang plastic lang nila. Won’t be back for another lifetime, I guess.

So that’s it. I wish there’s internet already when I come home. My backlog will eat me already. Like, seriously.


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