Bah, humbug!

RANT POST. You’ve been informed.

So my internet provider (which I will hide behind the name GLOBE) bailed on me four days ago, and I have never regained the joy of surfing endlessly in the comfort of my bed and under the sheets since it was “under maintenance.” And so I am blogging in the office, with minimal internet usage and this may explain my crappy mood over the week (especially when I have to arrive home and the router is turned off, and I have to wake up and realize I am internet-less.) Thank God there is @tweetitow so I can tweet. But I am in the mercy of the server limitations.

I do not pay, and certainly I did not sign up for this. Fuck that maintenance. And there wasn’t any typhoon, earthquake, or any calamity that may justify this utter deprivation of human right. Yes. You heard it right. Crisp and clear – INTERNET IS A HUMAN RIGHT.

And so, this post goes (title reminiscent of classic Scrooge expression of frustration) to Globe – which in the last four days of my agony, has told me the same “excuse” over and over again. They kept on telling me that my bill will be “adjusted” after this incident. It’s not making things any better. And I don’t fucking care. Just give me back my internet.

I cannot imagine another day pass by without my connection. I cannot believe that they conduct “maintenance” without prior notice. I mean, who does that? And they can’t even pinpoint the root cause of this thing that has caused me apprehension and sleep deprivation – five days already if it still is the same thing tomorrow.

This is inhumane! Somebody slap Globe back to being the efficient telco that they were. PLEASE BRING ME BACK MY INTERNET!!!

I am saying please, if you may,

2 responses to “Bah, humbug!

  1. I must say, I loved this bit: “So my internet provider (which I will hide behind the name GLOBE)”

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