Last Week in Photos

30. Tuesday. Last of the long weekend. Last shot at trying to be productive on a staycation.

DSC_0270Lunch at Ambula


DSC_0272Everyday fried-day!

DSC_0274Interview for a UP student’s project (will post the video later)

DSC_0276I’m a milk tea hog like that

DSC_0278Blogging before the week gets seriously booked

31. Wednesday. Awards. Didn’t win but got to make friends with people.

DSC_0284Say hello to Cariza and Kisty, who won btw

DSC_0281Mango crepe from Dulcinea

DSC_0286The camera that made Kisty win – LOL!

1. Thursday. Levi’s Go Forth Launch at Whitespace + Smart Netphone Launch at Republiq. No photos for the Smart event, because Republiq was so KJ. #Boo



DSC_0303Paul, Kassy and boyf


Nina for positive change. Congrats for being one of Levi’s brand ambassadors!


We managed to have a photo via Kisty’s P&S. That’s me, Cariza, and Dianne, oh so wacky! Click at Kisty’s blog for more of the photos.

3. ICF@FEU Open House + Anteroom Sessions at Moonleaf Tea Shop – the past month was all about preparing for this event!

DSC_0402I love ICF’s open kitchen!

DSC_0417And I wanna take home this lamb shank…

DSC_0449Preparing spiels for Anteroom

DSC_0513I love Outerhope!!!! *screeching fanboy here*

DSC_0524Hanna, Escy, Saco, and Pate

DSC_0527Elaine, Ella, me, June, Dee, and Ariane

DSC_0547AJ, Bon, Curves, Elyoo, Paul

Thank you friends for coming and supporting our little event!!!!

Thank you Moonleaf Tea ShopPunchdrunk Panda family, our partner bands and brands for the Anteroom Sessions. I love y’all! :) Photo courtesy of Topshot Photo Booth.


Last week was so epic!!!

Been one of a hectic week, been running around the metro for errands, work, personal stuff, and our event at Moonleaf Tea Shop. But what the hell, it has been so productive and fun! I’m sick for today though, I have to focus getting rid of this flu before I embark on other projects at hand. Also, I will blog further about last week’s events. My backlog is growing like it’s on chlorella.

Sieze the moment!

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