Globe Tatt Awards Night

I was planning to go to Sagada when I had received the invitation for the Globe Tatt Awards Night at the Peninsula Manila. I told myself, I’ll be quick, just to show up and meet some friends, have a taste of Peninsula’s desserts, which they are really known for (proof: I had no picture of it because it went straight to the mouth!) But alas, Tita Mary of the Residence Lodge in Sagada texted me about the continuous rain and the risk for “slide”. Instant change of plans (and well, settling of some depression over a spoiled long weekend.) I stayed with friends instead, and enjoyed more desserts!

DSC_0176Shameful confession: I haven’t entered the Peninsula Manila until that night. I love the interiors – very classic!

DSC_0177With my backpack – oh don’t remind me anymore.


DSC_0180On my way to the Rigodon Ballroom, I spotted CVS and Events Director Robby Carmona

DSC_0181Polaroid prints – I didn’t have one ’cause I still haven’t changed from my supposedly “travel clothes”



DSC_0184I was getting drinks for Nina, who was a finalist for the Tatt, when I saw someone gracefully enter the ballroom. OMG! It’s DCF‘s Lori Baltazar! I could not tell you how freaked I am, actually we were both freaked out. Apparently, she remembered my blog about my Tatt bets.

DSC_0187Of course,  I didn’t let the opportunity of taking a photo with THE Lori pass – yes, even with the dorky work clothes. After this shot, I realized I should change.  

DSC_0189Globe Tattoo Brand Ambassador and runner Rio dela Cruz 

DSC_0190Globe Tattoo Brand Ambassador and blogger Saab Magalona

DSC_0192This photo is so paparazzi-ish

DSC_0194Tonyo‘s latest article from the Asian Correspondent.

DSC_0196Maria Ressa. She had a really nice speech about social media, actually very geeky. And she also had a funny blunder on presenting the Thought Mover award when she announced it even before presenting the finalists’ video. She’s really funny and I love her voice *fanboy moment*

DSC_0198Cedric Cid

DSC_01991:43. Oh hello there, Goldmon!

DSC_0201Beth Angsioco

DSC_0203Tonyo Cruz, Loi Landicho

DSC_0206Grace Velasco, a.k.a. Divasoria


DSC_0209Arjohn performed

DSC_0214Divine Lee and Tim Yap hosted. Hello there, Mother D!

DSC_0220I’ve been hearing about Paramita, but this is the first time I heard them perform. I like their set.

DSC_0224Fashion sisters Kryz Uy of WAGW and Camille Co of Coexist

DSC_0226Nice smile, Ean!

DSC_0228Armi: We’re kinda deaf here…

DSC_0231Carlos Tanada



DSC_0242Up Dharma Down won the Indie Rocker award. I always knew they will (/bias) haha! And oh, I forgot to take a solo of Paul Yap!



DSC_0253The Tweeps! Yen, Chuckie, (ooops, someone I forgot the name again), Tonyo, Ros, Jackie


DSC_0256Finally met The Creative Dork, Rob Bautista, and his friends

DSC_0257Becky Nights cast! Matt, Jake, Buern

DSC_0259You all know Mother D

DSC_0260Robbie Bercroft

DSC_0261Maria Aragon arrived late but then she still performed. Everybody loves her.


DSC_0263Aisa and friends

DSC_0267Tim Yap


DSC_0269Photographer Frank Ruaya

The Tatt Awards Winners are:
The One – Filipino Freethinkers
Ballbreaker – Lea Salonga
Stylisimo – Laureen Uy
Indie Rocker – Up Dharma Down
Wordslayer – Loi Landicho
Artiste – Jin Joson
Tech Junkie – Mark Macanas
#Thought-Mover – Bianca Gonzales
Video Slinger – Mikey Bustos
The Advocate – Elizabeth Angsioco

Thanks to Globe for an enjoyable evening! I even forgot my trip was cancelled because of a stupid typhoon >:)

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