The Milk Tea Project

One of the series of reviews that I am planning for a very long time. Actually a long overdue concept that I have – look here. I’ve been a milk tea fanboy even before it became a craze. However, it has been in the business for quite some time – dating back to 90’s where in they only have Easy Way kiosks and take-out counters and, I’m not sure, Quickly, and even way more back in other Asian countries like Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand.

But milk tea has evolved into somewhat a lifestyle now. Today, we have milk tea cafes – complete with couches, music, and magazines in store. Kiosks and take-out counters are still there, but the realization that milk tea can be more enjoyable in a another setting definitely raised the bar for current and new players.

According to one of my friends (who is a marketing manager for a milk tea brand) today, it still matters that your tea tastes good, but what matters really now is the experience – the lifestyle. How would one offer milk tea that it provides not only an extravaganza for the taste buds, but an experience for all of the senses as well.

There goes myself again being so romantic about milk tea. Anyway. I really don’t want to be so formal and scientific but I came up with these parameters to somehow measure (OO NA ANG GEEKY!) the overall milk tea experience:

  1. Basic milk tea (termed Milk Tea, Royal Milk Tea, Pearl Milk Tea, etc.) For the sake of the majority, I’m doing pearls.
  2. Extent of menu.
  3. Location and setup.
  4. Ambiance and crowd.

I have special categories in which I also feature my favorite drink, and a guest favorite. These reviews, however I tried to be objective, will be completely reliable on my taste and opinion. So feel free to share your thoughts in the upcoming posts.

I’m more than stoked to start this project!

5 responses to “The Milk Tea Project

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  2. please include bon appeTea in better living paranaque. extensive menu choices and excellent tasting drinks

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  4. check out tea monkey tamayaki and tea, they have a good quality of milk tea

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