PLDT – Smart Jump Center

DSC_0976Home Solutions Zone

I love the idea that I can do anything online. Whether it be paying my bills, buying my stuff, talking to a customer representative, and pretty much everything. It’s very convenient and cost-efficient, if you ask me.


DSC_0979Free wi-fi in store.

DSC_0980PLDT Telepad. First smart desk phone. I like to take this home!

DSC_0981PLDT and Smart know style. I like the table piece.

DSC_0982Enterprise Solutions Zone



DSC_0986E-points system for business enterprises.

DSC_0987Stay Connected Zone. 

They feature the latest gadgets available in the country!

DSC_0988HTC Chacha, the Facebook phone. I hope it’s reprogrammable. I’ll redirect it to Twitter :P

DSC_0989RIM BlackBerry Playbook. Rivals my heart for an iPad2!

DSC_0990TouchSCREENS! Lurve!

DSC_0994The Jump people are ready to assist you every step in the way.



Yet again, who could resist THIS?


More of THIS!!!

DSC_1001AN 82″ TOUCHSCREEN TV! Nakaka-technosexual!

DSC_1002You can even text with it, simultaneously with your phone! PAK!


DSC_1004This baby can take 32 fingers all at once. I want this on my bedroom!

What’s this?! PLDT and Smart Communications launches their very first Jump Center. “At Jump, you will find the newest, coolest gadgets and services that we have to offer to serve the digital and mobile lifestyles of our customers at home, work, and leisure,” said PLDT President and CEO Napoleon L. Nazareno. “It showcases how PLDT and Smart are working together to offer customers the best possible service.”


DSC_1009PLDT and Smart authorities explaining the JUMP.

If a service center looks like this, I don’t mind getting out of the house (actually of the bed) to get a taste of the latest technology! It’s so cool they even put up a learning center, the Springboard, for students and some adults who could also use it for some much-needed updating.

DSC_1008Consultant to SMART Jayvee Fernandez

DSC_1011Blogger Yen Dreyfus with husband Chuckie.

DSC_1012They raffled two HTC Chacha units. Didn’t win though.


Yahoo Southeast Asia’s Joey Alarilla


The Mom Blogger: Noemi Dado

DSC_1017Jayson with Charlene, who invited me to this event. Thank you!

DSC_1018Blogger Azrael Coladilla

DSC_1019Blogger Mica Rodriguez, Philippine Blog Awards Juned Sunido, with another blogger.

I see this effort as advancing the technology awareness in the country, as well as, helping technophobes come out of their shells to embrace the wonderful technology set before them. I don’t think anybody should live scared of these stuff just because they’re intimidated with it. These things are better enjoyed.

I want that 82″ flat touchscreen TV!!!

Jump Center by PLDT – Smart
4/F Cyberzone, SM Megamall Bldg B
Mandaluyong City

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4 responses to “PLDT – Smart Jump Center

  1. LOL! Kaw din pala yung kumuha ng pic na yun! :)) Nice meeting you Jonver! :)

    Btw, the blogger at my left is Fritz Tentativa of :)

  2. zomg!!!! meron pala ako pic dito hahahahah
    thanks jonver!!!!

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