Orchard Road

Food Coma Alert!!! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. LOL!

DSC_0915Roasted Hainanese Chicken

If there is something I really enjoyed about Singapore, it would be their food. And thank God for a few restaurants in Manila offering authentic Singaporean (usually with Malaysian) fare, my taste buds won’t miss the streets of Singapore that badly.

DSC_0905Flavor mixes

DSC_0906Tea/Coffee corner


DSC_0908Chili. Everywhere there’s chili.



DSC_0914They look like dancing Single Ladies. LOL!


DSC_0917This is how they clean their woks.



DSC_0925Dessert-making – looks like our local halo-halo!

Introducing the Orchard Road dinner pass. It’s given to you once you eat here and it is composed of two vouchers wherein you get an item stamped when you order a specific menu item. Once you completed the stamps, you get PhP 200 off your next meal. We were invited to take the flavors of Orchard Road to test and to kick start our own dinner passes.

DSC_0928Laksa. I just have to have it extra spicy.

DSC_0929Hainanese Chicken. All I need with my Hainanese chicken is to have an extra drizzle of Sesame Oil. Oh, this version is so good, I can travel back to Singapore just by eating.  

DSC_0932Curry Chicken. Meat is incredibly tender and moist at the same time. Of course, you can’t miss the kick of the curry. WATER!!!

DSC_0933Satay. Pretty much like our barbecue with a twist.

DSC_0935Singapore Fried Chicken. You won’t believe the crunch in every bite. Crunchy in the outside and tender and moist in the inside. Can’t get any better than that.

DSC_0927Teh Tarik. I never eat Singaporean without a helping or two. This is the parameter if I will come back or not. LOL!!! But seriously, it has to be good! This one is good!

DSC_0926Iced Kachang. It’s like an inverted halo-halo where most of the toppings are in the bottom, topped with flavored ice and lots of condensed milk. Definitely for the sweet tooth.

DSC_0936Making Teh and Kopi Tarik.





DSC_0943A chef from the dessert kitchen came over to demonstrate the making of the famous Teh Tarik and Kopi Tarik. It’s simply coffee or tea with condensed milk. The secret of the drink, however is in the manner of preparing it – instead of manually shaking, one has to “pull” it to achieve the frothy result.


DSC_0945The froth of the Teh/Kopi Tarik comes from the “pull” done while preparing it. 

Thank you Orchard Road, Sean, and the rest of Agatep Associates, Inc. for inviting me for a sumptuous degustation. Indeed I went home with a stouter heart for Singaporean food! It’s officially my favorite cuisine now! I can’t wait for the next one!!!


DSC_0951Team Certified Foodies

DSC_0952Runaway Blogger and My Kitchen Haven. LOL at Ethan’s face!!!


DSC_0956Team When in Manila


DSC_0974Agatep Associates

What’s your favorite Singaporean dish?



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