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Veni vidi vici

It’s not the course that I dreamt of. This is not the life that I always wanted. But I am grateful because God has given me the strength to conquer this. I think He just want to prove to me that in anywhere I venture, I’ll succeed, no matter what.

Thanks to my sister, Angel, for screengrabbing this. And for being a very proud sister!

Thanks to everyone for the support! Onto the next phase!

Crisjonver Albano David, RN

Something About Yoü And I

Gaga rocks the internetz again with her newest music video! I am not surprised that it’s sexually charged or anything that would make the Catholic church call her antichrist and stuff. I really don’t care. But I like that she has no big crowd of dancers. AND THE FASHION IS AGAIN UPPED BY A THOUSAND PERCENT! Lalalalalalove Gaga fashion!

There’s something about, baby YOU AND I!

The rumored Joe Calderon makes a cameo. It’s Lady Gaga herself! 

Gaga spectacles! I love them eyepieces since Poker Face!

Can’t find a photo of her wearing death-defying platforms. But you get it, don’t you? 

Memes are all over Tumblr! Show some Gaga love. 

You said sit back down where you belong
In the corner of my bar with your high heels on
Yeah you like the red ones
Sit back down on the couch where we Made love for the first time and you said to me,

Nasaan si Aga?

What we do know is he was with us at Borough in Podium in a party put up by TV5. And we sent him off into the oblivion.







Well, at least he left for the unknown for us! TV5 presented to us Pinoy Explorer and the Nasaan si Aga? Campaign!




Pinoy Explorer is the new Travel offering for TV by station TV5. It will feature Aga Muhlach in different countries – living like a normal guy. With the fame backpacking has earned today, I think it will hit the TV to young travelers who want to get there without much damage to the pocket. Come to think of it, I need this for my future use!!!



The only question now is: WHERE ON EARTH IS AGA GOING (FIRST)? TV5 brings the Nasaan si Aga promo for all of us! There are two ways to join to win an Apple iPad 2 or an Asian Adventure for 2 courtesy of TV5!

DSC_1080Director Rowell Santiago talks about their upcoming travel program. He’s the best-looking among the Santiago brothers. #alamna haha!


It was also Aga’s birthday surprise from his TV5 family.

Nasaan si Aga? Text Promo:
Register by typing AGA REG [Name and Address] and send to 2929 Registration is FREE! To start guessing Aga’s whereabouts, participants can text AGA to 2929 and earn one raffle entry for each answer sent. Open to all Globe, Smart, and Sun subscribers. Tariff rates apply.

Nasaan si Aga? Twitter Promo:
’cause nobody wants to approve an app just to join
NOT LOL-ing on that, haha!

Anyway. Join the Twitter promo by visiting Nasaan si Aga? website and start tweeting your answer by using the #nasaansiaga hashtag. Each Twitter user earns one raffle entry regardless of how many tweets made. Profile photos of participants will be collated by a program to form a mosaic that will gradually show an image of Aga’s location (techie much!!!) The mosaic will be shown in the website upon reaching 10,000 tweets.

At the end of the promos on September 1, 2011, one (1) Twitter user will win a brand new Apple iPad2 and one (1) mobile user will win an Asian Adventure for 2.

Some family friends (long ago, when I was still a kid) kept telling me I really look like Aga. I don’t know. Last week, my mom’s officemate just told her I look like John Pratts. Me already! HAHA!

You judge. LOL!

Was able to meet and talk to model Luke Jickain. I hope he finds this photo of him and his friends

It’s not too late to join! Happy texting/tweeting!

P.S. Have you heard of news that Apple is banning companies to give away iPad2’s? Just overheard somewhere.

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PLDT – Smart Jump Center

DSC_0976Home Solutions Zone

I love the idea that I can do anything online. Whether it be paying my bills, buying my stuff, talking to a customer representative, and pretty much everything. It’s very convenient and cost-efficient, if you ask me.


DSC_0979Free wi-fi in store.

DSC_0980PLDT Telepad. First smart desk phone. I like to take this home!

DSC_0981PLDT and Smart know style. I like the table piece.

DSC_0982Enterprise Solutions Zone



DSC_0986E-points system for business enterprises.

DSC_0987Stay Connected Zone. 

They feature the latest gadgets available in the country!

DSC_0988HTC Chacha, the Facebook phone. I hope it’s reprogrammable. I’ll redirect it to Twitter :P

DSC_0989RIM BlackBerry Playbook. Rivals my heart for an iPad2!

DSC_0990TouchSCREENS! Lurve!

DSC_0994The Jump people are ready to assist you every step in the way.



Yet again, who could resist THIS?


More of THIS!!!

DSC_1001AN 82″ TOUCHSCREEN TV! Nakaka-technosexual!

DSC_1002You can even text with it, simultaneously with your phone! PAK!


DSC_1004This baby can take 32 fingers all at once. I want this on my bedroom!

What’s this?! PLDT and Smart Communications launches their very first Jump Center. “At Jump, you will find the newest, coolest gadgets and services that we have to offer to serve the digital and mobile lifestyles of our customers at home, work, and leisure,” said PLDT President and CEO Napoleon L. Nazareno. “It showcases how PLDT and Smart are working together to offer customers the best possible service.”


DSC_1009PLDT and Smart authorities explaining the JUMP.

If a service center looks like this, I don’t mind getting out of the house (actually of the bed) to get a taste of the latest technology! It’s so cool they even put up a learning center, the Springboard, for students and some adults who could also use it for some much-needed updating.

DSC_1008Consultant to SMART Jayvee Fernandez

DSC_1011Blogger Yen Dreyfus with husband Chuckie.

DSC_1012They raffled two HTC Chacha units. Didn’t win though.


Yahoo Southeast Asia’s Joey Alarilla


The Mom Blogger: Noemi Dado

DSC_1017Jayson with Charlene, who invited me to this event. Thank you!

DSC_1018Blogger Azrael Coladilla

DSC_1019Blogger Mica Rodriguez, Philippine Blog Awards Juned Sunido, with another blogger.

I see this effort as advancing the technology awareness in the country, as well as, helping technophobes come out of their shells to embrace the wonderful technology set before them. I don’t think anybody should live scared of these stuff just because they’re intimidated with it. These things are better enjoyed.

I want that 82″ flat touchscreen TV!!!

Jump Center by PLDT – Smart
4/F Cyberzone, SM Megamall Bldg B
Mandaluyong City

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Orchard Road

Food Coma Alert!!! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. LOL!

DSC_0915Roasted Hainanese Chicken

If there is something I really enjoyed about Singapore, it would be their food. And thank God for a few restaurants in Manila offering authentic Singaporean (usually with Malaysian) fare, my taste buds won’t miss the streets of Singapore that badly.

DSC_0905Flavor mixes

DSC_0906Tea/Coffee corner


DSC_0908Chili. Everywhere there’s chili.



DSC_0914They look like dancing Single Ladies. LOL!


DSC_0917This is how they clean their woks.



DSC_0925Dessert-making – looks like our local halo-halo!

Introducing the Orchard Road dinner pass. It’s given to you once you eat here and it is composed of two vouchers wherein you get an item stamped when you order a specific menu item. Once you completed the stamps, you get PhP 200 off your next meal. We were invited to take the flavors of Orchard Road to test and to kick start our own dinner passes.

DSC_0928Laksa. I just have to have it extra spicy.

DSC_0929Hainanese Chicken. All I need with my Hainanese chicken is to have an extra drizzle of Sesame Oil. Oh, this version is so good, I can travel back to Singapore just by eating.  

DSC_0932Curry Chicken. Meat is incredibly tender and moist at the same time. Of course, you can’t miss the kick of the curry. WATER!!!

DSC_0933Satay. Pretty much like our barbecue with a twist.

DSC_0935Singapore Fried Chicken. You won’t believe the crunch in every bite. Crunchy in the outside and tender and moist in the inside. Can’t get any better than that.

DSC_0927Teh Tarik. I never eat Singaporean without a helping or two. This is the parameter if I will come back or not. LOL!!! But seriously, it has to be good! This one is good!

DSC_0926Iced Kachang. It’s like an inverted halo-halo where most of the toppings are in the bottom, topped with flavored ice and lots of condensed milk. Definitely for the sweet tooth.

DSC_0936Making Teh and Kopi Tarik.





DSC_0943A chef from the dessert kitchen came over to demonstrate the making of the famous Teh Tarik and Kopi Tarik. It’s simply coffee or tea with condensed milk. The secret of the drink, however is in the manner of preparing it – instead of manually shaking, one has to “pull” it to achieve the frothy result.


DSC_0945The froth of the Teh/Kopi Tarik comes from the “pull” done while preparing it. 

Thank you Orchard Road, Sean, and the rest of Agatep Associates, Inc. for inviting me for a sumptuous degustation. Indeed I went home with a stouter heart for Singaporean food! It’s officially my favorite cuisine now! I can’t wait for the next one!!!


DSC_0951Team Certified Foodies

DSC_0952Runaway Blogger and My Kitchen Haven. LOL at Ethan’s face!!!


DSC_0956Team When in Manila


DSC_0974Agatep Associates

What’s your favorite Singaporean dish?



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