Marvel Comics in Minimalism

minimalist poster marvel iron manminimalist poster marvel captain america shieldVery timely.

minimalist poster marvel black widowminimalist poster marvel thorminimalist poster marvel hawkeyeminimalist poster marvel hulkMy favorite from this collection. Marko Manev, you’re such a genius!!!

minimalist poster marvel fantastic four human torchminimalist poster marvel fantastic four the thingminimalist poster marvel galactusminimalist poster marvel fantastic four mr. fantasticminimalist poster marvel fantastic four invisible womanThis is just so witty!

minimalist poster marvel silver surferminimalist poster marvel x-men cyclopsAnother favorite.

minimalist poster marvel black boltminimalist poster marvel daredevilminimalist poster marvel x-men magnetominimalist poster marvel spidermanminimalist poster marvel cyclops wolverineminimalist poster marvel spidermanminimalist poster marvel scarlet spiderminimalist poster marvel x-men gambit



More minimalist posters! I’ve posted the minimalist fairy tale posters around last month, and I fell in love with them to the point of almost printing Alice poster. This one’s even better. Love love love Marvel Comics!!! I’ve been a fan since I can remember Jubilee is included in the original X-Men team! Btw, the posters are not scanned. Marko Manev intentionally distressed the photos so that it would look like something just pulled out of a comic or a magazine. You can order prints here to post in your room, or secret headquarters, if you’re hardcore like that.

I think I’ll print out the Cyclops poster. And I wish there’s a Storm poster.


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