Zugbu Launch


Was invited to the launch of Zugbu at Maginhawa street. Zugbu is the old name of Cebu, hence meaning Old Cebu. True to its name, Zugbu brings native Cebu flavors into the Tagalog palate. Make it — the Maginhawa palate.


DSC_0863Very simple menu. Easy to remember.


DSC_0865Photobooth people.


DSC_0868LOL at Bobet’s face! Check his blog, guys!

DSC_0869Ganda ni Ate Bobet!!!!

DSC_0870Marveling over the “puso.” It’s a nice packaging idea, if you ask me.

DSC_0871Say hi to Mike! We’ve been online friends for quite some time. He’s a filmmaker and he blogs some of his works here.






DSC_0879The very accommodating and sometimes funny Zugbu crew! Hello!!!


DSC_0884Liempo’s such a hit, it ran out easily! Waiting patiently here…

DSC_0885Sinong pinipicturan ko?! ALAMOYAN!

DSC_0887Ang magaganda kong mga Ate!


Pak! May photoshoot pa yan kinabukasan!

DSC_0891Spot metering. #photogeek

DSC_0893Thysz, Bobet, Gee Jay, Mike



DSC_0897Happy Zugbu people!

Thank you to Thysz and Zugbu for inviting me! It was fun meeting new people, and of course munching on Zugbu lechon! Truly, a valuable addition to the plethora of wonderful stores in Maginhawa street! Maginhawa has a special place in my heart being one of my favorite hang out spots way back college.

And yes, up until now, it never disappoints. Maginhawa FTW!

Zugbu Liempo
79 Maginhawa street, UP Teacher’s Village
Diliman, Quezon City
024669482 – delivery service coming soon!


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