Aeta singing sensation trends in Social Media!

He was already hanging out in Youtube for quite some while (with videos dating up to two years ago) and now he makes it in TV, and the social media! Arjohn Gilbert, fourth from a brood of six in an Aeta family, makes a living out of making and selling flutes as well as selling sweet potatoes and avocados in Clark, Pampanga. Tourists began capturing his video because of his beautiful voice and uncanny “stage presence” on the streets.

Arjohn Gilbert may have gone a long way now, but there’s more. Hollywood pop singing sensation Charice Pempengco invites the dubbed “Justin Beiber of the Philippines” for a performance at one of her shows. Ain’t that giving back from a fellow Youtube sensation?


Arjohn is currently trending on number five on Twitter Philippines.


Lakas maka-good vibes noh?! I’m not a fan of Justin Beiber, but this kid can sing! For more Bruno Mars na lang!

Hope this kid makes it for his family and for the pride of his color! Mabuhay ka Arjohn Gilbert!

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