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Aeta singing sensation trends in Social Media!

He was already hanging out in Youtube for quite some while (with videos dating up to two years ago) and now he makes it in TV, and the social media! Arjohn Gilbert, fourth from a brood of six in an Aeta family, makes a living out of making and selling flutes as well as selling sweet potatoes and avocados in Clark, Pampanga. Tourists began capturing his video because of his beautiful voice and uncanny “stage presence” on the streets.

Arjohn Gilbert may have gone a long way now, but there’s more. Hollywood pop singing sensation Charice Pempengco invites the dubbed “Justin Beiber of the Philippines” for a performance at one of her shows. Ain’t that giving back from a fellow Youtube sensation?


Arjohn is currently trending on number five on Twitter Philippines.


Lakas maka-good vibes noh?! I’m not a fan of Justin Beiber, but this kid can sing! For more Bruno Mars na lang!

Hope this kid makes it for his family and for the pride of his color! Mabuhay ka Arjohn Gilbert!

Supporting this

I think it’s just natural for me to advocate something like this. Apart from being in the risk group, it’s in my nursing instinct to inform you about this, and I think this pandemic has only one solution: EDUCATION. I could go on about statistics and stuff, but the real thing is happening, and whether you believe it or not, everyone is exposed. Read here to know more about HIV/AIDS.

One problem with susceptible people is that they are afraid to be ostracized. So the cycle goes on and on. Having them informed saves other people from contracting the virus. With people who has no risk, it’s better to educate yourselves, too – for your friends, and for you to know why not to be afraid with people with HIV and AIDS.

These people are in need – of help, of love, and of caring. One thing we could do is to encourage them to get tested and not reject them. Remember: they need family/friends more than ever.

Rapid Testing is an ideal way of knowing your HIV status. It is confidential and you get the results within 30 minutes. Confirmatory test will be done if the rapid test comes back reactive. Counseling before and after the test are conducted by a certified counselor to provide information and referrals. Remember that being informed gives you the power to take care of your health in the correct manner. Being informed is sexy. Being careful is sexy. Taking the test is sexy.

Start your sexiness.

Rapid testing is being offered for free at different testing centers, Social Hygiene clinics and Treatment Hubs all around the Philippines. The Take The Test project is also touring at different sites, locations and events to bring free HIV testing and counseling closer to you.

For one on one confidential HIV/testing counseling and queries, contact the good folks of Take the Test at 0917-58HIVRT or 0917-5844878 or call ASP (AIDS Society Philippines) at 02 410-0204 and 02 376-2541



P.S. Of course, we’re there – GET TESTED. But practice safe sex EVERYTIME. HIV kills.

Zugbu Launch


Was invited to the launch of Zugbu at Maginhawa street. Zugbu is the old name of Cebu, hence meaning Old Cebu. True to its name, Zugbu brings native Cebu flavors into the Tagalog palate. Make it — the Maginhawa palate.


DSC_0863Very simple menu. Easy to remember.


DSC_0865Photobooth people.


DSC_0868LOL at Bobet’s face! Check his blog, guys!

DSC_0869Ganda ni Ate Bobet!!!!

DSC_0870Marveling over the “puso.” It’s a nice packaging idea, if you ask me.

DSC_0871Say hi to Mike! We’ve been online friends for quite some time. He’s a filmmaker and he blogs some of his works here.






DSC_0879The very accommodating and sometimes funny Zugbu crew! Hello!!!


DSC_0884Liempo’s such a hit, it ran out easily! Waiting patiently here…

DSC_0885Sinong pinipicturan ko?! ALAMOYAN!

DSC_0887Ang magaganda kong mga Ate!


Pak! May photoshoot pa yan kinabukasan!

DSC_0891Spot metering. #photogeek

DSC_0893Thysz, Bobet, Gee Jay, Mike



DSC_0897Happy Zugbu people!

Thank you to Thysz and Zugbu for inviting me! It was fun meeting new people, and of course munching on Zugbu lechon! Truly, a valuable addition to the plethora of wonderful stores in Maginhawa street! Maginhawa has a special place in my heart being one of my favorite hang out spots way back college.

And yes, up until now, it never disappoints. Maginhawa FTW!

Zugbu Liempo
79 Maginhawa street, UP Teacher’s Village
Diliman, Quezon City
024669482 – delivery service coming soon!