Titus Andronicus Roundup

The dark story of betrayal, deceit, and revenge; the retelling of Shakespeare’s most violent piece, Titus Andronicus, brought awe and astonishment – both by the piece and its modern storytellers. Kudos to the production team, especially to the graduating class of AB Technical Theatre and AB Production Design, along with the cast, their director George de Jesus III, and the faculty of De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde for coming up with such a powerful production. Truly, theatre is not dead. Art is not dead. And whoever feeds his actors skyflakes – is dead (that just came out naturally.) Now, do let these photos tell the story for you. Or read the full story here.



DSC_0759Emperor, dead. Who should inherit the empire? Let the council decide.


This is a story of the unending cycle of revenge and suffering.

DSC_0762Titus returns from war, disembowels enemy’s first prince to appease the gods of Olympus.

DSC_0764Queen of Goths, full of despair over her disemboweled firstborn


DSC_0769Temporary peace.


DSC_0777Lusting over Lavinia, two brothers tried to kill each other while a demon devises an evil scheme.


DSC_0780Who should get Lavinia? Why not share, said Aaron. 

DSC_0785Hunting: while the royal family hunts deer, the Goth brothers hunt for a virgin.

DSC_0786Queen’s betrayal

DSC_0788And share the brothers did. The rape of Lavinia is the darkest story I’ve ever heard.

DSC_0793Shameless rape and dismemberment: Demetrius and Chiron cuts Lavinia’s tongue and hands. 

DSC_0796Begging for his sons’ salvation from the hands of the emperor



DSC_0803Concocting revenge: Titus pretends to be crazy.

DSC_0804Lavinia, writing on sand using her lips and a knife, reveals the cry of her heart and lacerated vagina.

DSC_0809Aaron shows his soft spot for his and the queen’s son.




DSC_0827Relentless attempt of deceit, but nevertheless a failure.

DSC_0828Final bout

DSC_0832Revenge at last. 

DSC_0838Derrick Gozos as Lucius

DSC_0841John Joshua Deocareza as Aaron. He’s my favorite actor in the set. Such mad acting skills

DSC_0845Michael Esteves *blush, haha* as Bassianus


DSC_0847Joel Sarcho as Titus

DSC_0852Director George de Jesus III


Marion Kitazawa, Action Star. Panalo lang sa tindig, teh!


Anyway, thanks to production manager Marion for partnering with this blog. And let’s congratulate him for his upcoming graduation!

DSC_0856The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts, but is also the return of art to life. – Oscar Wilde


Congrats y’all!

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