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Overheard at Ateneo: Konyo and Proud

By Miguel Antonio N. Lizada, Photos by Arvin Lim

So, there we were again.

Our kapitbahay once more were our kalaban for just one afternoon. Pero you know, you can see naman that there’s respeto. Like halimbawa, except for that unsportsmanlike foul done by that UP player on Nico Salva, the players were so magalang to each other. They were helping each other up whenever they would get accidentally knocked down. That’s so mabait of them. Right? People on both sides were also cheering the UP Pep Squad as they made their very interesting and unique half time performance. Friends tayo, diba?

The game was quite exciting sa simula. There were times na they were catching up on us which for me was quite good for the UP team. I mean diba kahit paano, we should be happy for them that they’re somewhat getting their act together. Diba?  So anyway, once Norman Black sent in the big guns, things became more and more favorable for us. I started relaxing. I was able to eat my sandwich and make inom my iced tea with comfort and ease.

And about the fans. There were a couple of neat banners that were being waved by the fans. One read: “We believe in Kirk Long’s Power.” Ikaw na, Kirk. Ikaw na ang may Power. And I’m sure the power comes from your new haircut. Sa head.

But aside from that, we were quite konti, ha? I mean compared to big games. The Upper B seats were not filled. But the good thing about it was, the Blue Babble Battalion members had more chikka time with the gallery. Leaders, cheerdancers and lifters were seen not just in the Upper boxes but they even made baba to the Lower Box and Patron seats to encourage the more mayaman and sikat fans to cheer for the team. Fans were still cheering all the way pa rin naman. May mga Blue Babble members na nagwawala pa rin even though ang laki na ng lead.

And speaking of Babble cheerleaders na nagwawala, there was this particular cheerleader who was so into the tense mood of the half-time show that when he finished the Blue Eagle Spelling routine (by jumping), natanggalan siya ng sapatos. So yun, after bowing to the cheering gallery, he was making his angas power walk, his right arm cheering “Go Ateneo” with the crowd and his left hand holding his shoe. That’s passion. That’s giving it your all. The spirit of St. Ignatius is with you, hijo! Happy Feast Day!

This Thursday, we do battle with the University of Santo Tomas. I think I want to make a banner “Pass the Reproductive Health Bill.” For now, I will conclude this write-up on this convincing victory by saying “Konyo and Proud.”


Made me roll over in laughter. Don’t know actually if this is any different from that blog I read one day that gave me one heck of a migraine (read: wrong grammar, wrong punctuation, off topics, and on top of all that – a self-aggrandizing sidebar!) Well this one’s better, haha.

I think this one’s for the good laughs! A little hinay-hinay on the konyo though (ansabeeeee?!)

TEAmptation Island Tweetup

Ok, pilit ang title, haha! Chatime x Temptation Island Tweetup!


But seriously it was fun watching the Filipino cult classic with these guys! I never had a chance to finish watching the old Temptation Island because – I don’t watch much TV anymore, it was awkward watching it with the parentals (they’re not really open to watching these kind of movies, LOL!) and I don’t really have the time to watch it. So here goes! It was a hell lot of laughs!

DSC_0735Our sign app sheet has expired so I can’t show you, but a “@joeygosengfiao” signed up for the tweetup! LOL spammer hahahaha!


DSC_0738Tweetup Manila Queen B – Ros “The Juan” Oh! Please follow our Tumblr account to get updates of our monthly tweetups!

DSC_0740Twitter people are so engaged watching. 

DSC_0741What’s your favorite scene from the 1980 Temptation Island film?

DSC_0742It was fun sharing a laugh with old and new friends.

DSC_0743You can never expect us to stop tweeting though!

DSC_0744Hardworking attorneys – @tiffyabiera and @aaron_lozada. OW! Congrats Aaron for that Philstar gig! You deserve it!

DSC_0745What would you do if you’re stuck in an island? 

DSC_0746Lovely couple @takeoutsushi and @jasondayrit were late, but made it anyhow. Nice to see you again!

DSC_0748@ramonocon, @tonyocruz, @kevinyapjoco, @jploh, @angcorwut

DSC_0749Hello there new friends!

DSC_0750With Chatime’s @jamiekoa. Thanks for letting us screen in your place!

DSC_0751People from the Pinoy Bloggers group! Thanks for coming, you guys!

DSC_0752Ay wait lang, di pa ready si boss…

DSC_0753There. Perfect last shot. Social Media hotshots @juanxi and @pinoygossipboy.

Thanks to those who came! Til the next tweetup. Stay tuned for more.

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