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Men and Their Passions at Le Bistro Vert

No, not that passion, you silly!


I was invited to Le Bistro Vert Sustainable Foods‘ launch of Locavore Partner Campaign. I presume that Locavore came from the root words local and vore meaning to eat local, or to consume locally produced food. This campaign aims to bring together chefs and local farmers/producers to come up with a whole new organic dining experience to guests of Le Bistro. For this coming months of September and October, on Fridays and Saturdays, Le Bistro Vert will start offering special organic rice menu, by Manny Torrejon of Manolos Restaurant, using Davao City’s Sun Made Brown Rice of Carlo Calma-Lorenzana. Adding up to these “passions” are coffee and wine, to which these men of culinary wisdom are also equally dedicated.

DSC_0650The mezzanine floor of Le Bistro serves as an all-occasion event place. 




DSC_0659Chit Juan welcomes guests and introduces the Men of Passion.

DSC_0663Chef Manny Torrejon

DSC_0666Carlo Calma-Lorenzana


DSC_0672Chef Manny Torrejon talks about cooking rice. He presents an heirloom Filipino – Spanish favorite: Paella. The use of brown rice sets all the difference in this set.


DSC_0686Paella Sushi. Paella rice wrapped in nori, topped with seafood. While fusion is no longer a trend, the mix of East and West in this dish is surprising.

DSC_0687Paella Balls. Paella rice stuffed with Manchego and Jamon Serrano. The crunch was its best feature. The cheese and jamon was very tasty, complementing the rice.


DSC_0690Paella Valenciana. Traditional Spanish rice dish. I’m just a simple eater. I like my dishes well-seasoned, meat tender, veggies crunchy. In this case, with the presence of brown rice, the bite and texture it added was definitely a plus.

DSC_0691Paella Negra. Paella rice in squid ink, topped with assorted seafood. I cannot describe the medley of flavors in my mouth. The sea definitely has yummy creatures down there.




DSC_0700Caldero. Traditional Spanish fish soup. I am not a fan of fish soups. This maybe is the exception, since I really love the fish and the soup. I think, it’s the saffron that did the job.


DSC_0704Porchetta. Italian pork roast. Succulent pork meat, with crunchy pork skin to boot. Extremely sinful. Not for the faint of heart (literally.)



Each dish is paired with Lagarde Argentinian Wines


It is said that pairing dishes with the perfect wine is an art. Carlo Calma-Lorenzana, exclusive importer and distributor to the Philippines of Lagarde wines, shares to us their best collection.

DSC_0680It’s my first time to attend a wine pairing lunch and it was absolutely delectable. 

DSC_0642Not to mention, drinking wine at as early as 11am feels really good.






The Malbec was the strongest, according to Lorenzana, amounting up to 14% alcohol!


These wine bottle corks are just so cute.



Lagarde is one of Argentina’s oldest and most prominent wine brands. The Lagarde  bodega lies in Mendoza, Argentina, right at the foot of the Andes Mountains, which is the most famous wine region in the country.

DSC_0683As you can see, I enjoyed taking photos of the food and wine bottles. They’re just so photogenic and lovely!




Aside from being a chef, Manny is also a coffee master, having roasted and cupped quality coffee for over 20 years. That day, he served us hand dripped coffee.



Chef Manny served La Flor de las Cordillera coffee which beans he specially selected from small farms in Benguet and Mountain Provinces.




The hand drip method eliminates the need for a machine with the use of a put-on washable drip chamber (according to some, it’s available in Muji) and filter. It’s simple and noob-friendly, and it saves up on energy and money. And don’t you just love how ceremonial coffee-making can get?


Towards the end of the event, I had a brief conversation with Carlo. He offered me some more wine, but I told him I’m not that tolerant. He told me, he wasn’t tolerant to alcohol too. But a lot of water in between, he added, and a good cup of coffee after should do the trick! Hear ye!!! Thanks for the tip, Carlo!

DSC_0731Dessert is served. Bico and coffee is the perfect antithesis to the tipsy that was me.

The event was graced by media people and foodies. Meet the happy lunch people!




DSC_0732Men of Passion Carlo and Manny with Le Bistro Vert’s Reena Francisco, Chit Juan, and Jeannie Javelosa.


Thanks to Le Bistro Vert for inviting me over. I like how these entrepreneurs are gearing towards economically and culturally helping our local farmers and producers, and nurturing the environment in general. It’s an honor to listen to successful social entrepreneurs, and spend lunch with these happy foodies. It was quite a degustation!

Le Bistro Vert
Fraser Place, Valero street
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Mon – Thur 7am-10pm;Fri 7am-midnight;

Sat 10:30am-midnight
Call 403-1841 for reservations

Manolos by Chef Manny Torrejon
2759 Daan Hari street
United Hills Village, Paranaque City
Call 881-1828 / 211-2066 for reservations
09228517729 | 09178746793

Sun Made Brown Rice
Available at select Robinson’s Supermarket,
Rustan’s, and Shopwise branches.
Email savortheflavor@sunmade.com.ph for queries

Lagarde Wines
BT&T Center, 20 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.
C5, Libis, Quezon City
09189990917 | 09228798519