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Two cents: Christopher Lao

Just so because I’m super tired from work and stuff last night that I didn’t post this one. And I swear not to take advantage of any trending topics just so I can talk about something in my blog. But alas, CHRISTOPHER LAO is zeh bomb!!! Too juicy (yes, PUN intended) to resist. I can’t even organize my thoughts, so here goes my two cents about him, in bullet points.

  • When I saw the car float, hindi ako kay Lao naawa. I immediately thought of the car. WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!
  • Is his car automatic, or manual? Pray God it works after.
  • GEE, what man-boobs you have?! Teehee! I think this is second as to why he trended in the Social Media. Too funneh!
  • The video looks normal to me, just like any rant whore interviewed on TV.
  • But then again, ATTORNEY-IN-THE-MAKING pala si Lao. Take that for being “not informed.” Duh, Attorney di po ba halata? BAHA!!!! You only need half a pea-brain to realize that.
  • Again, I don’t get why people love giving unsolicited advice.
  • I posted this, because I actually think it’s funny. Stupid, yes. (Again, kawawa naman yung car!)
  • You shouldn’t be warned of flood – Attorney, you have four eyes to look at it.
  • Check out this Facebook page in honor of his, ehrm, “stupidity” which is by the way growing in fans by the second.

As if the video isn’t enough. FAN PHOTOS AHEAD. You have been warned.

At the end of all this, I believe Mr. Lao is not at all stupid. He made it into law school, for chrissakes. I agree though, with most of the comments (not unsolicited advice,) that his DIVA behavior got him into this. I don’t know what’s in his mind.

Look on the bright side, when people actually get tired of mocking you, at least the whole world knows you are Christopher Lao. Just not sure if it will help your lawyer plans, but hey you’re fucking popular!!!

EDIT: Christopher Lao graduated summa cum laude from UP, with the degree BA Philo. USC Vice Chair 05-06. Goddamn smart!!! (You can imagine how many expletives I am spurring right now, knowing this.)

Disclaimer: Italics and capitalization are heavily (ab)used in this post.