SMART Starter Plug-It

I value being connected… EVERYTIME. And my mom, at first (before I got my broadband connection) hesitated to give me anything that’s billed monthly. For my internet needs then, and I still have it in cases of emergency, I have my Smart Bro dongle.

Gearing towards making everyone connected to the world wide web (’cause internet is a basic right like that) SMART Communications just launched the Starter Plug-It. It’s the most affordable USB internet dongle available now in the market. No need to go to malls and stay in cafes just to connect to free Wi-Fi service (not that it’s bad, I still do it at times…) because you can surf now anywhere, anytime you want! Email, chat, update your Facebook and Twitter anywhere you go with its nationwidest coverage!

Whether you’re a blogger who needs to update your website constantly, or a student who does research every now and then, or you just want to be connected at all times, this may be just right for you! With a one-time payment of PhP995, you get these:

  • A portable plug in device for an affordable price of P995.
  • 60 mins FREE surfing  (valid for 1 day)
  • Nationwidest coverage and most reliable signal
  • Speeds of up to 2 Mbps that makes surfing fast and easy

No hassle using it, because you have choices! For P10, you can have 30 minutes of internet connection! You can also subscribe to promos like per minuteUnlisurf or Prepaid Lifestyle – whatever suits your mobile lifestyle. No application requirements and lock-in periods, just go to the nearest SMART Wireless Center to avail!

For more details, you can log on to the SMART Bro website, or like them on Facebook!

Happy surfing!


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