Happy 1st!

We R Who We R . Forgive my current LSS. I know it’s Ke$ha. Blame Star World, haha! And I feel like celebrating, just because.

Yay, it’s my first year in blogging here. For me, it’s a relatively short time (compared to the bloggers I really admire out there.) But some of my friends keep telling me it’s kinda long now. It’s quite amusing that my little journalism project survived for exactly a year now. I really don’t care about the numbers, but as long as I am happy with it, I’ll blog.

One of the most memorable happenings of my first year in blogging is being invited to Singapore!

I’d skip all the cheesy words, but I really want to thank everybody who believed and supported me in this blog. It’s because of you guys why this blog has survived. For my sponsors, well, keep on sponsoring me. LOL! Seriously though, I really appreciate the trust you have given me to be part of your brand/company/whatchamahcallit. So raise your glass, mah people! Cheers to you!

I’m really humbled by these opportunities and I want to thank ultimately God who, I believe, has given me all of these. To more bigger things!

So I’m in the office, trying to consume the free minutes left from my lunch break. Ciao for now! Let’s enjoy the rest of the day!

I love you guys!

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