Meet Team PdP

So since I have all this free time after you-know-what I’ve been searching left and right to put my idle time to good use. Fortunately, a number of opportunities presented itself to me and one of those is a short-term marketing stint at Punchdrunk Panda or PdP.

As their Twitter profile would say, they are out there to funkify the planet, PdP started out being just an avenue to earn some more by then students Jen Horn and Gail Go. Their products include out-of-the-norm designs for laptop bags, camera straps, stationery, and later on shoes for men and women and iPad sleeves. Starting from being a humble multiply shop, it has expanded through four years into consigning with boutique stores such as LapDance, The A Shop, Power Mac Center, Team Manila (Jupiter Branch), Powerbooks, Fully Booked and fellow multiply store Analog Soul. Punchdrunk Panda’s designs cater to the need of being different – that kind of quirk that sets you apart  and takes you one notch higher from the rest.

So much for introducing a really well put brand. Anyhow. One of the activities I’ll be involved with is the shoot of the latest collection of PdP shoes. Here are some behind-the-scenes of us prepping the place up for our shoot tomorrow —




DSC_1175Weapons of mass funkiness

DSC_1178Let”s do some chalk art!





DSC_1195Chalk residue



Nica Kim

DSC_1198Jen Horn






DSC_1207The most colorful boombox ever!


We capped the day at Moonleaf Tea Shop! Yummeh wintermelon milk tea for a great job that day!






DSC_1216LOL! I look so haggard! 

We will be uploading our new batch of shoes and I’m really REALLY excited to share it with you! Watch out too for contests and promos we’re gonna have! Go Team Punchdrunk Panda!

Punchdrunk Panda products are available in LapDance, The A Shop, Power Mac Center, Team Manila (Jupiter), Powerbooks, Fully Booked, and Analog Soul

Punchdrunk Panda
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3 responses to “Meet Team PdP

  1. Can I just say LOLWTFLOOKATMYFACE! ?
    Thanks :)

  2. patringsanjose

    Dude, antabaaaaa mo na. :P

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