It’s 3am and I’m still thinking of Harry Potter

You may have read (or not) that I dropped everything just to catch the premiere night of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 today. I still can’t organize my thoughts about it though. It’s a mix of feelings —

Happiness, (the movie looks good, good enough to be happy with)
(SOMEBODY is a very generous lover)
Confusion, (I really didn’t read the book)
Laughter, (there were some really funny moments)
Sadness, (it has ended) and
Courage (I don’t know about you, it’s a pretty motivational movie.)

But, above all this, I shall miss the Harry Potter series (especially Daniel Radcliffe, who has given me plenty of wet dreams, LOL!)

There’s this app in Facebook called Find your Patronus. And apparently, I’m the same with THE generous lover I was talking about.

Kidding aside, it’s so depressing (extreme!) because it just feels like a generation has just ended. Seeing the last of the Harry Potter movies maybe emotional to those whose childhood was confined within the pages of JK Rowling’s masterpiece. It’s emotional for me though, not because it defined my childhood, but because I feel somebody had just died. Yeah, weird, but really in that kind of way.


But think this: it’s so good, it kept me from tweeting. Usually, when I’m really REALLY bored with a movie, I check my phone, which is in silent mode, several times, until something comes out interesting. This one, however, kept me to the edge of my seat. Yes, another weird phenomena these days. There’s just some really annoying seatmates who kept on talking and talking and giving irreverent comments about the movie. I nearly gave an advice that they should’ve bought pirated DVD na lang instead and get caught eventually and be jailed instead of ruining people’s happy cinema experience. But aside from that, nothing bred boredom. But that’s me, I don’t know you.

Well, my disorganized thought had led me into thirty minutes of directionless writing. It’s nearing 4am, and I still can’t stop thinking about Harry, or why did they include a scene of Daniel Radcliffe changing clothes. LOL! Okay, stopping there. No more spoilers! And no more lusting over Harry! But you better watch it!!!

Preparing for another movie tomorrow,

Thanks to Paola and Zed for the free movie. I love free movies!!!

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