What’s Hot: The Grand Makati Sale


Now this is definitely something hot in the Urban oven.

When I was at Singapore last June, it was still the GSS or The Great Singapore Sale. Then I came to know (when I was actually back in MNL) that it was indeed some sort of a NATIONAL EVENT – like a holiday! Folks from all around the world travel to Singapore, which proves to be a good tactic to drive tourists in, therefore increasing the national revenue!

In its 341st year this July, Makati City, follows the consumerist call, and celebrates with marking down goods and services UP TO 70% off at major establishments in Makati like Greenbelt, Glorietta, Rustan’s Department Store, Stores Specialist Inc., Power Plant Mall, SM Department Store, Waltermart and Cash & Carry. Makati Medical Center is participating also by marking down executive check-ups!

When I came back from my whirlwind trip from SG, I thought I’ll be back to cover some more shopping, but seems like I can find good deals here in our own country as well. AH! If only Cotton On and Uniqlo have branches here! Good thing there’s MUJI and other amazing brands here already! This could be a start of something new, in our economic and tourism aspects.

So excited to hit the malls now! AND so excited to see this being a national event, just as the months of May, June, and July are sacred to crazy shoppers!

P.S. I wish, though, that the poster was done better. I just know it can be better. Just sayin’!


2 responses to “What’s Hot: The Grand Makati Sale

  1. I agree. The poster would’ve been better but in all fairness if this first Makati grand sale becomes a success, this’ll be the start of a good promotion to our country :)

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