Tatt Awards Launch

So bad a blogger of me, these photos are soooooo late! Anyhow, we did manage to have fun at the launch of the Globe Tatt Awards last June 30 at Opus. With games from Silly People’s Improv Theatre or SPIT (which is damn well crazy) and a stunning mini circus performance (I forgot who performed, but they’re good) Globe introduced to us the first ever Tatt Awards.

DSC_0982It’s my first time at Opus. Been gone from the partying scene for quite a while. Interiors are good! But they need to work their Mojito.


DSC_0984@juanxi – Ros, The Juan, on Twitter 24/7! VOTE FOR HER AAH!

DSC_0985Raffy Celestial

DSC_0986Juned Sonido of Philippine Blog Awards Admin.


DSC_0989Ariel from SPIT

DSC_0991Judge Gang Badoy with Ros Juan


DSC_0992SPIT starting now…

DSC_0993Things you regret posting online (in A – Z manner!)







DSC_1002Got our jaws droppin’


DSC_1004The tweeps couch! Raffy, Redge, Aaron, JP, Cor, Ros, Tonyo, Iya, and someone I forgot… sorry!

DSC_1005Chad, Yen, and Marga

DSC_1006The Mom Blogger, Noemi Dado of Blogwatch.tv


DSC_1009Kenneth (a.k.a. Theo Cheng) of SPIT

DSC_1010Tatt Awards Judges Rico Mossesgeld and Dong Ronquillo

DSC_1012Happy and Dingdong from SPIT



DSC_1016Team SPIT

DSC_1018Blogger Aisa Ipac with other blogger friends 


We ate dinner at nearby Tao Yuan and grabbed our favorite Singaporean dishes (well, mostly) Photo above is a plate of Prawn rolls.

DSC_1021Fried Garlic Pork

DSC_1022String beans and pork

DSC_1023The star of the night – Hainanese Chicken!

DSC_1024So good, I can’t help to take another photo

DSC_1025Spicy Laksa


DSC_1027Lychee (that I wish was served with ice or chilled)

Actually, this event was to campaign Ros for the category The One or aptly, The Juan. LOL! I had a blast with these guys and it actually felt like my send off party to my board exam, which was two days after this event. Don’t forget to nominate your favorite social media personalities at the Globe Tatt Awards!

Thank you to Globe for inviting us over! Til next time!

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