JeepneED launching soon!

Do you still remember JeepneED?

They were our beneficiaries for the first ever Twestival Manila! And they’re launching real soon!

They have been putting up the jeep that will be used for the operations. It feels good, that somehow, me and my friends in Twestival MNL are a part of this. Seeing progress, from the gathering of funds and materials to seeing the actual jeep, to having a jingle! I’m excited that they will be starting operations really really soon!

But inasmuch as the curriculum and activity plan of JeepneED is so well-put, they still need ongoing support to sustain the need. The best part is, as always, you can be a part of this wonderful thing going on! JeepneED welcomes any kind of help, and if you’re up to getting these poor kids educated and help shape their future, this is the right place for you.

These kids are our nation’s future.

Learning takes you places
JeepNeed at Facebook


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