Globe Tatt Awards

With up to 95% of online Pinoys as active participants in social media, it comes as no surprise that the Philippines has been named the Social Networking Capital of the world. Passionate, committed and vocal, Filipino web users are headed for social media greatness, and Tattoo, the Globe-powered internet brand that has become a youth favorite, is right there with them.

Responding to the Pinoy online explosion, Tattoo has created the first-ever Tatt Awards, a series of accolades celebrating Filipinos who share Tattoo’s fiery passion and who have used that energy to create a strong and unforgettable social media presence.

Technophiles, video vamps, take-no-prisoners ballbreakers and advocates for change are all welcome at the Tatt Awards (see all categories and mechanics.) Stand up and have your pioneering online efforts be recognized by a jury of your peers and the Tatt Awards Council of judges including —

Veteran journalist and the force behind ABS-CBN’s News and Current Affairs initiatives Maria Ressa

Rock Ed Philippines founder Gang Badoy

Prolific blogger and entrepreneur Cecile Zamora-Van Straten

Tech blogger supreme and Tattoo ambassador Rico Mossesgeld

Flippish star and YouTube personality, Director, and Video Blogger Kring Elenzano

RX radio DJ Chico Garcia

President of the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association Hans Roxas-Chua

Tattoo Head of Nomadic Broadband Business Dong Ronquillo

Representing life without limits, Tattoo is the perfect brand to celebrate social media strides, with its speedy and affordable broadband hookups that enable myriad online connections among Filipinos in the country and around the world.  Ronquillo enthuses, “Tattoo is all about making your mark and your own personal definition of greatness.  The Tatt Awards is our venue to recognize those individuals that through their passion and individuality have created a space that is uniquely theirs, but sincerely shared with others.”

It is no coincidence that Tattoo is launching the Tatt Awards on June 30, designated the second annual Social Media Day by award-winning social media and tech news site Mashable (  With Social Media Day meetups planned in nearly 1400 cities around the world, it will be the day to celebrate the technological advancements that empower everyone to connect with others and access information quickly and easily.

The field will be open for nominations via   Public votes through the Tatt Awards portal and the scores of the Tatt Awards Council will determine the winners, who will each receive 100,000 Pesos in cash and premium broadband products from Tattoo. Expect the big announcements within August 2011!

Take your cue from Tattoo.  Steal the spotlight online and share your passion to create, inspire and lead in social media.


And look who’s on the banner?! It’s my favorite blogger Saab!


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