Post-Board Comatose

Board exams has been done for two days now, and yes I haven’t touched this blog. Been out, seeing some people I haven’t seen for quite some time. Watched a movie, used my camera (which was living in the closet for some good two weeks,) and actually tried to find work (which feels surreal in some kind of way.) I did find an internship that looks kinda hell of fun!

But definitely I’m back. Although I’m really backlogged, REALLY need to catch up. I want to start posting now, but my head’s still ringing from the Transformers 3 movie – never sit way too near the speakers, especially when it’s Dolby Surround.

Anyway. Board exam is done. All I have to do is wait. I really don’t care about waiting, I’ll willingly accept any result (but I still hope for the best.) All I care about now is to get this blog running again. So…

Let’s roll.


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