Vintage Grapes Clothier

The plush vineyard lifestyle, is a lifestyle that few people gain the privilege of partaking in. It is a lifestyle lived typically only by the affluent. It is a lifestyle that has long reflected sophistication, great taste, status, and success and due to these facts, has also long been a place where true gentlemen take refuge to enjoy the fruits of their labor.



Vintage Grapes Clothier aims to offer the vineyard lifestyle to the broader public.



Embodying the pure elegance of the vineyard lifestyle, Vintage Grapes Clothier is a premier luxury garment brand.



A Vintage Grapes Clothier Gentleman is a well dress, well groomed gentleman who knows what he wants out of life and furthermore knows exactly how to obtain his desires. On any given day he could be spotted socializing on the classic castle-country of France’s scenic Loire Valley or sharing a bottle of Bordeaux, a 1787 Chateau Lafite, after closing a multimillion dollar business deal.


Exhibiting a refine grace and dignified property, Vintage Grapes Clothier’s spring / summer 2011 collection is inspired by the unmatched elegance present in the vineyard lifestyle.


Entitled Return of the Elegant, this collection features VGC’s polished woven dress shirts, signature handcrafted neckwear, and classic double pleaded bottoms.

VIIII - VGC - SS 2011 - Credit Sheet


Vintage Grapes Clothier is a rather young brand, finding its niche in the luxe industry. What with business classic clothing only for the style-savvy gentlemen. Aside from that, their philanthropic efforts such as supporting global human welfare and educational enrichment, are an added value on the luxury that they produce. Social relevance and luxury, despite two terms rarely conjoined, comes true in their efforts, not just to uplift the high standards of luxury, but also of finding accountability of the welfare of others. Vintage Grapes Clothier, in this light, though young and starting, proves only that luxury is better shared than kept.

Vintage Grapes LLC
Fairfield, Connecticut

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